WWE cut down on speech length for Hall of Fame inductions

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WWE cut down on speech length for Hall of Fame inductions

After a year of hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, WWE has returned to have its Hall of Fame ceremony, with two classes introduced in the same year, as the athletes who were to be introduced in the class of 2020 have just skipped.

because of the very strong restrictions that were also in the United States last year. After a year of shows without an audience, of live events canceled and connections from home, WWE seems to want to slowly return to normal, obviously based on what are the health protocols to be followed and based on what the logic and the common sense lead to thinking.

The annual edition of the Hall of Fame, which will anticipate both the NXT TakeOver and the two evenings dedicated to the Showcase of the Immortals, would have already been recorded yesterday, with all the great athletes of the WWE's past who, however, would be faced with a nasty surprise in this year's edition.

WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony will air on Peacock on April 6th

If in the past years the athletes who entered the WWE Ark of Glory were given more than 15 minutes each to talk about their introduction, this year, that time is said to have come down to between 3 and 5 minutes, because many stars have to be introduced.

The Bella Twins, who broke this news shared their thoughts on this decision in the last episode of their podcast. They said: "We had a written speech, but then we realized it was too long because they only gave us the opportunity to speak between three and five minutes.

We wrote a speech for at least 15 minutes because usually, they were allowed 10 to 15 minutes each, but in the end, we found that this year had dropped to 5 or 3. Make your Hall of Fame speech in so little. time, it is really difficult.

We couldn't understand how we could condense all our thanks in such a short time. What are the important things? We wanted to thank all these people and tell so many stories." Apparently, after the numerous problems we have had in previous editions, where many athletes had far exceeded their time, such as Goldberg, who kept talking for over 20 minutes after what was supposed to be the closure of registrations, the WWE seems to have thought it prudent to drastically reduce the time allowed to its Hall of Fame legends, for their own personal speeches in the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.