Former WWE star Brian Kendrick confirms he has retired

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Former WWE star Brian Kendrick confirms he has retired

Many times, several WWE athletes when they are still under contract with the federation, change roles and become anything but, such as Kurt Angle, who after his farewell match at WrestleMania, against Baron Corbin, he had become a road agent of the federation, only to be fired with the wave of layoffs that arrived last April, following the outbreak of the world pandemic, along with other illustrious names such as Mike Chioda, Rusev or Zack Ryder.

One of the many former WWE backstage athletes that fans have not seen for years is also Brian Kendrick, former tag team champion and McMahon lightweight champion, who had also fought in TNA in the past. where he had won the title dedicated to the X Division.

Apparently, the former WWE Cruiserweight champion would still be under contract with the Stamford-based federation, where he would work as a producer for several months, with his work also being one of the most important and appreciated in the entire creative sector of the company.

Brian Kendrick confirms he has retired

After having trod many rings all over the world, the wrestler would have decided to permanently retire from in-ring competitions, formalizing his retirement in recent days. With a short video that we report below, the WWE veteran wanted to confirm his stop to wrestling wrestling, now focusing entirely on the backstage and his new role as producer, which he has been carrying out since last February, in the best way.

Like so many other colleagues, after hanging up his boots, the world of wrestling would not become just a memory for the former tag team champion who won alongside Paul London, with his role as a backstage clerk now becoming the his main occupation, alongside other great professionals, who together with him trod those rings as athletes, until a few years ago and who, with no small enthusiasm, have now had to leave.

Ringside News exclusively reported in February that Brian Kendrick is now a producer on the SmackDown brand. He confirmed in a video today that he has retired from in-ring competition. Brian Kendrick is 41 years old and a seasoned veteran.

He also helped run Santino Bros Pro Wrestling Academy back in California. Now he is with WWE as a full-time producer, but he looks back at his in-ring career fondly. Brian Kendrick has wrestled all over the world for many companies.

Now his time as an active competitor has come to an end, but he has not left the pro wrestling business in the slightest.