WWE’s Saudi Arabia problem

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WWE’s Saudi Arabia problem
WWE’s Saudi Arabia problem

It seemed like a simple, albeit very rich, commercial agreement for a partnership that would guarantee one or two major events a year. But evidently, in the meantime, it was decided to go even further. Vince McMahon, who has long been rumored to be increasingly tired and detached from wrestling, has taken the plunge.

He has in fact decided to sell WWE, whose ownership will now pass to Saudi Arabia. A historic decision, which WWE had decided to make known to the world in conjunction with WrestleMania 37. But Michael Pike, editor-in-chief of 'White Cod', has discovered a preview.

With lots of confidential documents of which you will find a screenshot at the bottom of this article. That the last few months have been particularly sensitive for WWE is no secret. The health emergency has hit the whole world heavily, and even though wrestling has tried to run for cover, not everything has gone as hoped.

The WWE has never actually stopped its activities, but already the dispute of WrestleMania 36 inside the Performance Center has made itself felt. And the costs of manufacturing and building the ThunderDome did the rest.

WWE had a very scary situation in Saudi Arabia

The possibility of returning to host a small part of the public in Florida was therefore considered strategic for WWE, which will announce the change of ownership on the occasion of WrestleMania 37.

No longer in the hands of Vince McMahon and family, but of the very wealthy Sheikh Al-Pesch Ek-Kahn. The latter took over all the shares belonging to all members of the McMahon family, supported by Sheikh Abdul Bashir. An international wrestling veteran who has worked obscurely with the likes of Kurt Angle, Mark Henry and The Great Khali in the past shared this news.

And that, it seems, he was even savagely beaten by the Undertaker. The news comes as told by an investigation conducted by Michael Pike of 'White Cod' Meanwhile, this development happened, Karl Anderson’s wife said that he’s not going back to Saudi Arabia.

That situation was a scary one for a lot of people and many didn’t want to take the chance on a repeat situation going worse the next time around. WWE hasn’t been able to do a Saudi Arabian show since the pandemic started.

They do have plans to go back as soon as they can make it work. PS: Hope you scrolled down this far because we have something very important to tell you. "April Fools!" Hope you enjoyed the joke!

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