Huge update on former WWE star Zelina Vega

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Huge update on former WWE star Zelina Vega

Former WWE star Thea Trinidad (who was known as Zelina Vega) has signed some sort of contract that will prevent her from signing with AEW right now, according to the authoritative American site 'WrestlingINC' For this reason, fans of her who can't wait to see her in action in the world of wrestling will presumably have to wait a little longer.

There has been some speculation on the AEW that Tony Khan's owned company could reunite Thea and Andrade now that both have said goodbye to WWE. However, the 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter' reveals that this will not be possible, as former Zelina Vega has signed a contract to work elsewhere.

It is not known who the contract is with, nor if she is again with a professional wrestling federation. But the deal she signed would not allow her to work for any further wrestling companies. And since this agreement does not appear to have been entered into with AEW, the clause would precisely exclude AEW as well.

Zelina Vega recently caught the attention of AEW's Tony Khan

'WrestlingINC' adds that the contract signed by Thea Trinidad is somewhat of a short-term affair, and that the person directly concerned has never really closed the door on the possibility of landing in All Elite at some point in her career.

However, this will not be possible at least for some time in the near, immediate future, in which due to a specific contractual obligation, Muñeca will not be able to join the AEW. Thea Trinidad was released from WWE in mid-November, and she ran out of her 90-day clause (which prevented her from taking any other wrestling job) in February.

Tony Khan himself has also recently focused on this story. In the meantime, the live stream is focused on her personal channels on YouTube and Twitch, where she has found some success and a large audience following. The still beloved Zelina Vega (remained so in the hearts of WWE fans) recently revealed a new look and hinted that she has accepted some jobs in Hollywood.

In a recent discussion with Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW President Tony Khan expressed an interest in Zelina Vega, saying: "Isn't she in a 90-day non-compete? She was in a non-compete last time I checked. I've been waiting for that.

I don't talk to people when they have the non-compete. If hers' expired, it must have just expired. I've been waiting on her non-compete to expire. I'd have to check the math to see if she expired. When we get through this tournament and through this pay-per-view, I'd be interested to see where she's at."

If Zelina Vega signed to AEW, she would be one of many former WWE Superstars to join the brand. Over the past few months, Christian Cage and Paul Wight (fka The Big Show) have joined AEW, as well as Miro (fka Rusev) and Sting.