Why WWE didn't give Shad Gaspard the Warrior Award

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Why WWE didn't give Shad Gaspard the Warrior Award

One of the biggest tragedies that hit the world of WWE and pro-wrestling in general in this truly devastating 2020, was the death of Shad Gaspard, the former wrestler part of Vince McMahon's federation, who together with JTG, was one half of the famous duo of Cryme Tyme, also seen alongside John Cena in a short stint on Monday Night Raw's rings, several years ago.

The former WWE athlete had in fact miraculously managed to save his son who was about to drown in the waters of Venice Beach, but when he suffered the same tragic fate, disappearing into the waters of the ocean, only to resurface after almost two days from the waters.

which became his tragic end. At the age of only 39, Gaspard died, after committing one last heroic act in his life of saving his 10-year-old son and sacrificing his. After this terrible tragedy, fans of the WWE Universe flocked online, to ask WWE to include the late athlete in the company's Hall of Fame, giving him that Warrior Award, born precisely for social causes, given to those who most distinguished themselves.

among others, with selfless and heartfelt gestures.

WWE is airing their Hall of Fame this year on April 6th

Apparently, although the news has not yet been officially confirmed by the WWE, to receive the award dedicated to the memory of Ultimate Warrior, this year, should be the host of Wrestlemania 37, Titus O'Neil, who with Hulk Hogan will present the evenings of the Raymond James Stadium and should thus also enter the Hall of Fame, in the section dedicated to the Warrior Award.

But why did WWE choose to include O'Neil instead of Shad Gaspard after his tragic death? To answer this question, Fightful Select took care of it, with the reporters of the site reporting how WWE already had plans to include O'Neil in last year's edition of the Hall of Fame, with plans skipped due to of the pandemic, which have simply pushed all the announcements to this year, such as the 2020 class, which will be introduced together with that of 2021.

Nothing against Shad Gaspard then, who will most likely be included in the Ark of Glory in one of the next editions, probably as early as next year. Those plans were in order well before Gaspard’s death, and Titus’ induction was not a sleight on Gaspard.

O’Neill’s connection to the Tampa community played a big role in the timing of the past two years. We’ll have to see if WWE ever inducts Shad Gaspard into the WWE Hall of Fame by giving him that well-deserved award. He was a warrior and passed away selflessly giving himself to save his son. RIP Shad.