Brock Lesnar has been away from WWE since...

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Brock Lesnar has been away from WWE since...

One of the protagonists of the last years of the WWE rings who has been missing for a year now is Brock Lesnar, who in the last editions of the Showcase of the Immortals has always arrived with a world title, with the nickname of the Beast of the WWE and who has always been one of the main attractions f the WWE Universe.

But Lesnar, since the pandemic broke out in the world, instead became a name too many for the coffers and the salary plan of the McMahon-owned federation. After having terminated his agreement with the McMahons, Brock Lesnar, in fact, left the Stamford-based company, by mutual agreement with the federation, because his name, like that of many others, was too big to be used in events without an audience to show support.

Lesnar's last match was the one valid for the WWE Championship, which was eventually won by Drew McIntyre, in WrestleMania 36. At this point, WWE Universe fans have been wondering for months now: When will Brock Lesnar return to the WWE rings? For the moment, it is not known the exact day on which The Beast will return to tread the rings that made him famous worldwide, but one thing is certain and that is that with this absence from the Showcase of the Immortals, The Beast will interrupt a long streak that had been going on since 2013 and that saw him be one of the absolute protagonists of the Grandaddy of Them All, year after year.

WWE didn't want to utilize Brock Lesnar for shows without a crowd

Although in this case, we are not talking about a streak of victories or an unbeaten streak, as happened with Undertaker for over 20 years, with a streak ending precisely at the hands of Brock Lesnar, the numbers and the matches in which Brock took part in that of WrestleMania in recent years are truly mind-boggling, with all the latest contests that have then concerned one of the highest titles of the Stamford federation, with Lesnar who came as champion or challenger for one of the company's greatest laurels.

With his absence from this year's Showcase of the Immortals, Brock Lesnar will end a streak that included such matches in his trophy collection: - 2003 Wrestlemania XIX against Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship - VICTORY - 2004 Wrestlemania XX v Goldberg - DEFEAT - 2013 Wrestlemania XXIX against Triple H - DEFEAT - 2014 Wrestlemania 30 against The Undertaker - VICTORY - 2015 Wrestlemania 31 against Roman Reigns (and later Seth Rollins) for the WWE Championship - DEFEAT - 2016 Wrestlemania 32 against Dean Ambrose - VICTORY - 2017 Wrestlemania 33 against Goldberg for the Universal Championship - VICTORY - 2018 Wrestlemania 34 v Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship - VICTORY - 2019 Wrestlemania 35 v Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship - DEFEAT - 2020 Wrestlemania 36 v Drew McIntyre for WWE Championship - DEFEAT.

Despite the numerous defeats, Brock Lesnar still managed to be one of the most important names of all the cards in which he took part in Wrestlemania, with many of the matches in which Lesnar was present that were valid for a world title or that were, in any case, part of a cartel match that has remained in the history of the McMahon federation, such as that of the end of the Undertaker streak, which even managed to overshadow the titled matches of the evening, due to the shock created with his victory.