WWE's plan for Taya Valkyrie's new character

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WWE's plan for Taya Valkyrie's new character

In the last episode of NXT, staged last Wednesday on the American television screens of the USA Network, WWE wanted to broadcast a first preview video of the arrival of a new athlete in the rings of the third roster of the federation, with only legs that were however framed by the staff of the McMahon company.

Apparently, these boots should belong to a certain Franky, who until a few weeks ago answered the name of Taya Valkyrie, former Knockout Champion of Impact Wrestling, as well as former athlete of Lucha Underground, who is the current life partner of John Morrison, Monday Night Raw athlete.

After announcing the new class of young recruits hired by NXT, in which Taya was immediately one of the most appreciated and already known names by the general public that also follows the American and non-independent independents, the WWE has already preferred to throw in the fray also Morrison's wife, as one of the first entries in the yellow roster of NXT, in the first episode of the show which will air on Tuesday, immediately after the Showcase of the Immortals.

WWE's plan for Taya Valkyrie's new character

According to what was revealed by the pages of the PW Insider, WWE would have already prepared everything for the former Taya, who from now on will no longer be called Taya Valkyrie, but Franky Monet.

In fact, in recent weeks, WWE would have bought the rights to the Franky Monet name from the US patent and trademark office, in the usual section of entertainment and sporting events. In addition, the cute and sweet dog that would appear in the teaser video of Franky's presentation to the general public of the WWE is the same dog owned by the family consisting of Taya and John Morrison.

Even the little animal of the Morrison household, therefore, seems to have great acting skills, like her masters. We, therefore, have to wait for a little over a week to understand what Franky will do in the NXT rings and especially if he will have a heel or a face attitude, with WWE Universe fans who are no longer in the skin to find out what the McMahon federation for one of the most capable and performing athletes in the independent world ever signed by the federation.

Franky is coming to NXT, and that is Taya Valkyrie’s new name in WWE. According to PW Insider, WWE registered a trademark for Franky Monet, so that is expected to be her full name. The former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion will debut on NXT during their first week on Tuesdays.

The dog that they featured in the video is actually the dog that she has with her husband John Morrison. It appears that Franky’s dog will be a part of the act as well. This is just the beginning for her as she starts her journey in WWE. Obviously, there will be a bit of attention on her.