WWE edits famous segment from Peacock

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WWE edits famous segment from Peacock

WWE's move to Peacock hasn't made American fans particularly happy as the streaming platform is continuing to edit and censor historical segments of the past. One of these is the promo of D-Generation X dating back to the episode of Raw on July 6, 1998, in full Attitude Era, where the faction headed by Triple H made fun of the Nation of Domination.

The most controversial part was represented by an X-Pac dressed by Mark Henry, complete with a face painted in black. A segment that at the time did not cause problems, but now is racist and offensive. The entire promo was then removed from the content library.

WWE edits famous segment from Peacock

The same fate befell a promo of the late Roddy Piper who, on the occasion of his match against Bad News Brown at WrestleMania, had decided to paint half of his body black. Fans have obviously been furious on social media and it remains to wonder how much of the past can really remain intact on Peacock.

WWE promptly made its position clear by stating that it was necessary to adapt to current times and remove content that may appear politically incorrect. Below you can see the famous DX segment in its full form: A clear sign of how WWE will never, ever return to offering TV-14 content as in the past.

AJ Styles had also intervened on the matter, who had stated that there could never be a new Attitude Era because current fans are too sensitive. Several times there was talk of possible abandonment of the TV-PG to remedy the declining ratings, but the WWE has never changed course, continuing on the path already undertaken since 2008.

And certainly, the Attitude Era writers, as underlined by a careful analysis of WhatCulture, are said to have had a hard time dealing with characters like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in today's times. It was the Texas Rattlesnake who admitted how, once he returned to WWE with the new restrictions, he had asked John Cena for help, now accustomed to the PG.

Edge has gone into detail on his feelings over the live "S*x Celebration" he participated in with Lita back in 2006. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Edge and host Jimmy Traina discussed NBC and Peacock's current censorship of WWE Network material.

On the same topic, The Rated-R Superstar was quizzed on his controversial Monday Night RAW segment. Edge confessed the segment is something he doesn't really think about it but used it as an example of how censorship may go too far if followed too strictly.