Triple H On Chris Jericho Appearing on WWE Network

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Triple H On Chris Jericho Appearing on WWE Network

Triple H recently spoke about Chris Jericho’s upcoming appearance on the WWE Network Chris Jericho will appear on the Broken Skulls podcast which is hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. Many people believe that Steve is one of the best wrestlers of all time and played a very important role in the Monday Night Wars.

Chris Jericho joined WWE many years ago. He was a former WCW wrestler. In WCW, Jericho was not a huge star. In WWE, Jericho became a big star. Jericho was extremely successful and was the first Undisputed WWE Champion. Over the years, Jericho fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers.

His last run in WWE unfortunately wasn’t that good. However, he had a memorable feud with Kevin Owens.

Triple H On Chris Jericho Being a Guest On Broken Skulls Podcast

Jericho eventually left WWE, for All Elite Wrestling.

In later interviews, he revealed that he didn’t feel he was as important in the WWE as he used to be in the past. In All Elite Wrestling, Jericho became the promotion’s first-ever AEW World Champion and formed a very popular group within AEW called The Inner Circle.

Many people believe that AEW can actually beat WWE one day. However, that day seems to be very far from now. WWE has still kept itself extremely distant from AEW and anything related to it. So, many people were surprised when they found out that Jericho will be a guest on the Broken Skulls podcast as he is an AEW star.

Triple H on a media call stated that he wasn’t surprised at all. He states that WWE does what is best for business. “We’re open for business,” Triple H stated. “I’ve said it a million times on things.

Vince [McMahon] has been very open for business, what’s best for business for WWE and open to working with whoever. People sometimes create their own situations in their head. “I just heard it today, but it’s not shocking to me in any shape or form”.

Triple H himself has fought Jericho in the past. Triple H is fully aware of the comments that Jericho has made about WWE after he left, but believes that WWE doesn’t really care about what people say after they leave the company.

“People make comments about people after they leave,” Triple H noted. “‘Oh, I received a nice call from Vince.’ Yeah, it’s not shocking to me at all. The perception and the creation of what people believe in their heads when they have zero knowledge of it personally, it’s a fantasy world that is created. Not shocking to me in any way”.