Hulk Hogan predicts the results of WrestleMania 37

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Hulk Hogan predicts the results of WrestleMania 37

WrestleMania 37 is just a few days away, an event that is considered by all wrestling and WWE Universe fans as the most important show of the year. This show will be very important, divided into two evenings in Tampa, next 10 and 11 April and there is a lot of curiosity about the event.

The card is perfected and very little is missing from the official nature of all the matches and all wrestling fans are curious to see what will happen in this event. The most anticipated matches are, as usual, the two matches valid for the world title, the one for the WWE Championship will see Drew McIntyre try to regain the title, recently finished in the hands of Bobby Lashley while the match, probably the most awaited of all, will see the Triple Threat Match between WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and his two challengers, Daniel Bryan and the Rated-R Superstar Edge.

WrestleMania 37 is just a week away and WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan, who is hosting the show, is definitely looking forward to it. The two matches that Hogan has his eyes on are the ones with the WWE and Universal Championship on the line.

Hulk Hogan really likes the look of the Rated-R Superstar

WrestleMania 37 will also be attended by wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, this time not as a wrestler but rather as a presenter. Hulkster recently met Corey Graves on the After The Bell show and commented on what, in his opinion, could happen on the Show of the Immortals.

Here are his words: "Bobby Lashley is really tough, he has had years of recognition for his value, but I am fascinated by Drew McIntyre and something about his presence and the intensity of him. I really hope Drew gets back to where he deserves and things fall into place.

right for him." Regarding the WWE Universal Championship, Hulk Hogan spoke like this: "As far as the Main Event is concerned, the challenge for the Universal Championship will be a three-way match and that will lead to the match going crazy.

It's going to be crazy, but I've enjoyed the Edge character lately. I saw him hungry and I think he could win. Roman Reigns is really strong and I've been following him since he was a kid but for Wrestlemania 37 I see Edge as favorite."

Hulk Hogan made it clear that he is taking nothing away from either Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan, but there is just something about Edge that entices him. Who do you have winning the WWE and Universal Championships? Let us know your picks down below.