New details on WWE's future plan for The Hurt Business

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New details on WWE's future plan for The Hurt Business

The last episode of Monday Night Raw saw the plans of the WWE Universe totally upset and one of the most important factions of recent months, namely the Hurt Business, was destroyed. Stable CEO Bobby Lashley effectively cut both Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin out of The Hurt Business forever.

Both the WWE Champion and MVP have lashed out at the two after they lost to New Day in recent weeks and above all were defeated in a 2 vs 1 match with Drew McIntyre thus allowing Scottish Psychopath to guarantee a match for Wrestlemania 37 against The All Mighty.

The Hurt Business has been very successful in WWE in recent months and the two wrestlers were also taking the lead of the Stable but now the plans will change in the coming weeks.

Is King Corbin the new member of The Hurt Business?

During the last edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer clarified the future of Stable and in particular of its main representatives.

Here are his words: "It is likely that Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander are also the latest victims in the WWE house and they do so only for a current issue with Bobby Lashley who in these two weeks will destroy them both.

After this, however, there will be no other implications for them and there will be no feud between the two wrestlers and Bobby Lashley and MVP. I think they will both have a bad end in the company, perhaps disappearing as is happening to the members of the Retribution."

It is not understood, however, if The Hurt Business will continue to live, in the last episode of Raw we saw King Corbin, directly from SmackDown, come to the rescue of Lashley and MVP and attack Drew McIntyre and maybe he could be a new addition.

There was also recently talk of a possible female engagement in the Hurt Business and Bobby Lashley himself, in the course of an interview, had not closed to this possibility. We will find out if there will be more news in the coming weeks.

The report also stated it usually makes sense to split up a faction like The Hurt Business if there is a chance of doing something new, or if one of the members is leaving. However, in this case, there will appear to be no feud between Benjamin and Alexander against Lashley and MVP.

MVP stated on RAW Talk that King Corbin had not joined The Hurt Business. The same was stated in the Observer's report. Corbin likely attacked McIntyre on RAW to help Lashley gain more heat as a heal.