Is David Hart Smith ready to return to WWE soon?

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Is David Hart Smith ready to return to WWE soon?

In recent years, several of the members of the Hart family, the legendary Canadian family entirely immersed in the world of pro-wrestling, have ventured into life on the road with WWE, with Bret himself, one of the most illustrious members of that dynasty, who also received one of the top honors of the McMahon federation, which was that of induction into the Hall of Fame a few years ago.

After the departure of Bret Hart and after the tragic death of his brother Owen, who accidentally died in the rings of the federation in the 1999 PPV Over the Edge, the WWE has nevertheless tried to keep the name of the famous Canadian dynasty high, also taking on children and grandchildren of the old guard, namely Natalya, daughter of the late Jim Neidhart, her husband Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith, better known in the rings of the Stamford-based company as David Hart Smith, son of the unforgettable Davie Boy Smith, also known as The Britih Bulldog, who also died prematurely at the age of only 39.

Apparently, according to reports from the usual Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE could soon put back Tyson Kidd's former tag team partner, David Hart Smith, who in recent years has distinguished himself in the NJPW rings, up to also win several titles between Japan and the independent world.

Is David Hart Smith ready to return to WWE soon?

As reported in one of the Observer's latest newsletters, in fact, the former Hart Dynasty member could soon return to the NXT rings, with the well-known journalist who in fact said: "Davey Boy Smith Jr will not be present at Bloodsport on April 8th, which seems to show that he has signed elsewhere, probably here (WWE ed).

They confirmed to us a few days ago that a great ex could return to WWE. There had already been several clues in the recent past that spoke of his interest in returning and this has been going on for a year or so already. Now it will be necessary to see if it will focus on the NXT UK brand, on that of the USA or on the main roster."

Apparently, for Meltzer, only the official nature of the thing would be missing, but it is only a matter of a few days, before the former WWE wrestler returns to the company that saw him protagonist until 2011. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer speculated about the late, great legend's son David Hart Smith.

who may do the honours of inducting his father into the HOF. Meltzer added that Smith Jr. being a part of the Hall of Fame show will give rise to rumors of him possibly returning to the WWE. Davey Boy Smith Jr. worked for the WWE under the ring name David Hart Smith from 2006 until his release from the company in 2011. He was part of The Hart Dynasty with Tyson Kidd and Natalya and even held the unified tag team titles with Kidd.