Backstage reaction to The Hurt Business' breakup

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Backstage reaction to The Hurt Business' breakup

One of the news of the last episode of Monday Night Raw that left the fans of the WWE Universe most amazed and embittered is certainly the one that sees the dissolution of The Hurt Business, a stable initially formed by only Bobby Lashley and MVP and then to which they were added later also Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, with the four athletes who over time have begun to be appreciated by critics and fans, so much so that they have also won all the titles available on the red roster.

Like a bolt from the blue, however, in the last episode of the WWE flag show, Vince McMahon decided that The Hurt Business should die, with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley brutally attacking Alexander and Benjamin, ousting them from the group and continuing his way to Wrestlemania in single, with the help of the only MVP at his side.

Backstage reaction to The Hurt Business' breakup

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the microphones of the Fightful Select, several members of the WWE locker room would have been very embittered by the dissolution of The Hurt Business, especially because the team had also managed to give space to athletes who had been relegated before the stable.

to nothing, in the red roster, such as Cedric Alexander. As reported in the last podcast of the site, in fact: "After listening to many of the wrestlers we talked to, Vince McMahon's decision and insistence on splitting Hurt Business would have lowered the morale of the entire locker room by no means."

One of those who were most embittered by the thing would be Shelton Benjamin, former tag team champion of Monday Night Raw, who had had to give his belt and that of Cedric Alexander to the New Day couple. According to the reporters of the well-known site, in fact, Benjamin is said to have been reluctant to the idea from day one, but the insistence of the Chairman could not help but force all the members of the stable to do what he wanted, with a very unpopular decision, which left even the fans embittered, as well as the insiders.

WWE recently announced the names of the stars who will be taking part in this year's Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Amongst other big names including Jey Uso and Shinsuke Nakamura, former The Hurt Business stars Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin will be taking part.

The Battle Royal will not have its usual place on the WrestleMania card. Following reports of there being no kick-off show at this year's event, which will be spanning two days like last year, next week's SmackDown will be a "special WrestleMania edition."