Eight-year-old reveals how John Cena helped him save his sister's life

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Eight-year-old reveals how John Cena helped him save his sister's life

Known as one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history and always admired by the WWE Universe, from children to older ones, WWE superstar John Cena was the unwitting protagonist of a beautiful gesture. During an episode of The Substitute, broadcast in America on Nickelodeon John Cena improvised as an instructor who taught how to perform a heart massage to those who followed him.

This broadcast was made with the aim of helping even the little ones, but even John Cena would never have imagined that his help, via video, would become essential. An 8-year-old boy named Jaxson Dempsey told WNEP TV's Amanda Eustice that John Cena's demonstration on TV helped him save the life of his sister who was choking on a chicken nugget.

John Cena has been a long-time big role model for kids

John Cena then found himself improvised and indirect savior of this child with the little one who explained the situation during the interview: "We were driving to take me to the barber and I noticed she was starting to choke on a McDonald's chicken nugget, I told my dad to pull over, then I started this message on his chest and he walked out.

I remember I was seeing Nickelodeon, in the first episode of this show there was John Cena explaining how to save someone who is choking. I think that transmission was very helpful to me." Jaxson's father, Matt Dempsey, revealed that without this quick maneuver of the little son, his daughter would have really risked a lot.

John Cena, when he was busy in the ring, has always been a model for all children and in this case, he was, even if indirectly, also for a situation outside the ring. John Cena is currently away from the WWE ring and is busy as a Hollywood actor, a career he has been pursuing for several years now.

John Cena was portrayed as a hero for the better part of his WWE career. The character's positive mannerisms and his attitude of "never giving up" became a big hit among WWE's young fans. The character also helped Cena become one of the highest merch sellers in WWE history.

John Cena has also been lauded by mainstream media for his work with Make-A-Wish. The 16-time world champion has granted over 600 wishes to date. WrestleMania without John Cena just doesn't feel right. Sure, many WWE fans have now gotten used to Cena not being a prominent player on WWE TV on a weekly basis.

But the multi-time WWE World Champion definitely remains a big part of WrestleMania's elusive history. Throughout the years, John Cena has competed against some of the best Superstars at The Grandest Stage of Them All. From veterans like Edge and Triple H to up-and-comers such as The Miz and Bray Wyatt, Cena has shared the ring with various stars.