Kurt Angle reveals what Triple H told him just four years after his debut

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Kurt Angle reveals what Triple H told him just four years after his debut

Kurt Angle has had a legendary career in professional wrestling, although at first there was a hint of skepticism about his qualities as a performer. The injuries prevented the former Olympic gold medalist from closing the circle as he would have liked, having been forced into a forced retirement against an opponent (Baron Corbin) who was not exactly what he dreams of him.

In the course of a very long interview with Forbes, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled one of the most important matches in the history of the Royal Rumble, the one between him and Chris Benoit which took place in 2003. Angle had presented himself at the event as WWE champion and he was facing one of the most technical superstars ever in the penultimate pay-per-view match.

In an electrifying and spectacular challenge that lasted about 20 minutes, Kurt managed to assert himself and keep the belt. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed Triple H's reaction following Angle's match with Chris Benoit at Royal Rumble 2003.

Triple H told Angle that he had "raised the bar" in WWE after that match.

Triple H and Kurt Angle's feuds in WWE

“After I won that match, I celebrated with my whole team and went backstage. The fans stood up and gave us a 15-minute standing ovation, they wanted to show us how much they enjoyed that meeting.

Triple H approached me a few minutes later, I had only been in WWE for three years at the time, and he told me I had moved the bar to an even higher level. I myself hadn't realized how good the match had been. When I looked at it again in subsequent years, I thought it was an authentic masterpiece.

Seeing someone like Triple H come and tell you something like that is a compliment to carry around for life”- Kurt Angle said. Angle had to convince Vince McMahon to make him fight with a broken neck at WrestleMania: “Today it wouldn't be possible with the protocols that have been imposed.

In 2003, however, you could get away with some tricks. Now there are too many responsibilities at stake, no one would ever give you the authorization to enter the ring," he specified. Triple H and Kurt Angle had a number of feuds in WWE, as early as 2000 when the two were in a storyline also involving Stephanie McMahon.

Angle recently spoke about the infamous storyline and also opened up on why the angle was dropped. The two WWE legends feuded again in 2002, before reigniting their rivalry in 2018 when they were in a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania 34.