Vince McMahon was unhappy with an infamous Triple H match

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Vince McMahon was unhappy with an infamous Triple H match

Triple H has been one of the most recognizable and long-lived athletes in the modern era of WWE, although he has gradually stepped away from the ring in recent years to pursue a managerial role. In addition to winning countless titles in the pro wrestling business, The Game has had the additional merit of contributing to the rise of NXT and the young talents who aspire to enter the main roster.

The yellow brand has in fact become a very valid alternative to SmackDown and Raw since it allows superstars to have reduced and less stressful programming than that which characterizes the two main shows. During his amazing career, like any other wrestler, HHH also became the protagonist of some not exactly unforgettable matches.

Among these is certainly the battle against The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 12 back in 1996. In the latest edition of Conrad Thompson's 'Something to Wrestle' podcast, Bruce Prichard analyzed the factors that made the challenge well below expectations.

He also described Vince McMahon's reaction.

Vince McMahon was unhappy with the Triple H vs Ultimate Warrior WrestleMania match

“I hated that match, I have to be very honest. The entrance was fantastic, but everything else could not have been worse "- said Bruce Prichard.

After a four-year hiatus, The Ultimate Warrior was preparing to return to WWE in 1996 and his victory at WrestleMania was obvious to everyone. The former WWE champion could boast a huge fan base, but he had been away from wrestling for too long to hope to be competitive.

Triple H, for his part, was a young heel on the rise at the time. "The truth is there were a lot of people who thought they would never see The Ultimate Warrior in the ring again. The wait was incredible, but it wasn't enough to make the match enjoyable.

I remember Vince McMahon watching it live and he wasn't very happy. They were lucky that Vince was not present backstage, otherwise, he would have been furious. Hunter's role was marginal in the match, indeed perhaps he was the most damaged of all by that situation" - he concluded.

Triple H answered a wide range of questions during his most recent conference call ahead of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Lucha Libre Online’s Michael Morales Torres asked The Game about celebrity crossovers in wrestling and specifically about Bad Bunny's upcoming WrestleMania 37 match.

Triple H stated that celebrities from other walks of life are always welcomed in WWE, and he had nothing but words of praise for Bad Bunny.