"Stone Cold" Steve Austin reflects on the competition between WWE and AEW

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin reflects on the competition between WWE and AEW

News of Chris Jericho's participation in the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin podcast (with the endorsement of both WWE and AEW, specifically owners Vince McMahon and Tony Khan) has generated a lot of chatter in recent days.

Could this be the first step towards a kind of non-belligerence between the two companies? Or even future collaborations? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, Stone Cold himself has explained in more depth the reasons for his in some ways revolutionary proposal, which later became a real decision.

Speaking with 'WrestlingINC' editor-in-chief Nick Hausman as part of 'WrestlingINC Daily', the Texas Rattlesnake has in fact opened very clearly to the idea that between WWE and AEW there can be a sort of "competitive friendship"

"Dude, I like this a lot," Austin said. "I think it's a contract competition, just because both companies are wrestling. And wrestling, especially in WWE, is like that. But I don't think they're trying to compete directly."

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin held 19 championships in his wrestling career

Still, Stone Cold Steve Austin himself senses the tension between WWE and AEW: "In essence, they compete with each other. And I love it, because it allows many more people in the wrestling world to have jobs.

It offers the possibility of a salary to many more. people. And it makes WWE, you know, force them to push their limits rather than just sit back and do the bare minimum. Competition makes everyone better." And "Stone Cold" Steve Austin rounded off his reasoning by telling an anecdote about the past: "When we made WCW fail, I remember going to Vince and asking him if that was our mission, to shut them down.

They tore us apart for two years, but I didn't realize that the ultimate goal was that! We just wanted to win the rating war. Sure, then one ends up buying them for pennies, but that's the genius of Vince McMahon. So, to answer your question.

Yes, AEW is a good thing. It's a good thing for everyone, including WWE." Chris Jericho has been with AEW since the very beginning. The wrestling legend has done it all and was the very first AEW World Champion. He has been taking shots at WWE ever since AEW presented its first show, "Double Or Nothing", in 2019.

AEW has done business with several top promotions over the past few months. Fans of the promotion are aware AEW has been engaged in business with IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW for a while now.