Vince McMahon had other plans for Hulk Hogan

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Vince McMahon had other plans for Hulk Hogan

One of the most easily recognizable and universally known faces as one of the most important athletes in the world of pro-wrestling is undoubtedly Hulk Hogan, multiple WWE world champion, who has covered the role of the face of the company for several years, becoming one of the number one enemies of the McMahon family, with its transition to the then WCW which was WWF's rival company par excellence.

For years, Hulk Hogan has been the greatest ambassador the pro-wrestling world could have, with an international reputation second to none, which has brought the discipline to be known by young and old alike, who have always loved or hated that.

Stamford's blond moustache. In his career, Hogan has undertaken storylines and feuds with the most important characters in the world of wrestling, from Undertaker to Vince McMahon, passing through Andrè The Giant and Randy Savage, up to The Rock, with whom he made a match at Wrestlemania 18, which is still remembered very well by fans of the WWE Universe.

Vince McMahon had other plans for Hulk Hogan

In his latest interview, the WWE Immortal wanted to talk once again about that match that fans have been clamoring for years, but unfortunately never took place, namely the one with WWE historian Rattlesnake.

Stone Cold "Steve Austin, saying that Steve has always been his target after The Rock, but that there were never the conditions for a feud between the two. To the microphones of After the Bell, WWE broadcast, Hulk Hogan said: "My goal has always been to have a run with The Rock, and then focus on Stone Cold.

Because, as a heel, I could send him over in any way. If they had given me the belt again, and this is the case to say - and as Stone Cold would say, 'If you can make money then do it, brother' That was my goal. It was to take it and put it in the Hogan zone and make it happen - it would have been very difficult because of the bad situation with his neck and all - but I just wanted this project to be realized, as long as we could tread the ring, when we still felt like it, and then do it.

understand what it feels like after working with me. It would have been easy and beautiful, but we would have destroyed everything anyway." Vince McMahon didn't agree with Hulk Hogan's pitch, and he remained a babyface for the entirety of his WWE run.

Hogan was featured in the main events of the following three WrestleManias, with the ninth edition being his final one at the time. Hogan soon left Vince McMahon's promotion and made his way to WCW.