Drew McIntyre is confident he will defeat Bobby Lashley

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Drew McIntyre is confident he will defeat Bobby Lashley

One of the undisputed protagonists who will have one of the cartel matches in the annual edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania 37, is Drew McIntyre, former WWE Champion who will try to grab that belt once again on the show of the shows.

she is currently close to the life of Bobby Lashley, after losing to The Miz, precisely because of Lashley's attack. After reigning for almost a year, since his Wrestlemania 36 win against Brock Lesnar, with Drew McIntyre who, apart from the small juncture in which he lost to Randy Orton, seemed charged and ready to make it to this year's edition of champion, in the end at the hands of Lashley, but this thing, unfortunately, did not happen.

Drew McIntyre is confident he will defeat a 'worried' Bobby Lashley

In his latest interview with the Wrasstlin News site, Bobby Lashley's challenger for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 37, wanted to state: "Similar? This is interesting.

I never realized they had the same initials. You told me now. But yes, it is interesting. Last year I was going against Brock. I had to prove to everyone in the world that I could belong to the top of the card and that there was no greater superstar in history, essentially, or more dominant than Brock Lesnar.

And I was able to drop it in five minutes, on the show that was mine now. This year, I have practically been the WWE Champion in every major match, working hard both in and out of the ring. But I don't take this match lightly.

I know that Lashley has been working hard for a long time, both in and out of the ring, he is a real human beast and I am taking this match as seriously as possible. Just like last year, I will not leave anything to chance, I will not throw myself into the void, I will not try to hit him with my Claymore from the first minute because I am sure that Lashley's strategy is to get me into his submission.

He might grab my foot while I try to throw it in his face or something. So yes, I'm treating this challenge with the utmost respect, especially in regards to my game plan," Drew McIntyre stated. Bobby Lashley is on a roll at the moment and will prove to be a hard challenge to overcome for the Scotsman.

That being said, Drew McIntyre is confident about his chances and believes The All Mighty is worried. "Of course, still Drew McIntyre here, won the Royal Rumble, beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania while Lashley worked so hard got to the finish line and decided to screw me over at Elimination Chamber, gift the title to The Miz so that he could beat The Miz instead of McIntyre.

Then sent a bunch of guys after me to try and kick me out before WrestleMania. Showing that he is a little bit worried about Drew McIntyre and he should be because I am going to kick the crap out of him at WrestleMania and win the WWE Championship for the third time," said Drew McIntyre.