Brian Myers originally considered for...

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Brian Myers originally considered for...

Over the course of their careers, several WWE athletes and not only have found themselves filling the most disparate roles in front of the cameras of the Stamford company, including those who were initially hired as a wrestler and then became a referee, who was a wrestler and then he became a road agent or someone who instead had to be a manager and in the end, he instead embarked on a career as a wrestler, even if with quite forgettable results.

Many times, serious injuries also get in the way, which lead some athletes not to be able to fight any longer for a shorter or longer period of time, with someone who has to even retire, due to health problems encountered in some fortuitous confrontation in the ring or in the gym.

Fightful Select recently spoke with Brian Myers, who revealed that he was considered for WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, which will premiere on A&E later this month. In his latest podcast interview with the Fightful site, former WWE duo champion Brian Myers, better known in the McMahon company rings as Curt Hawkins, first alongside Edge and Zack Ryder in the Edgeheads and then alone in paired with Zack Ryder, with whom he also won the WWE couple titles, he wanted to tell how Vince McMahon personally chose him to become a producer when he was unable to work in the federation rings.

Brian Myers on his relationship with Vince McMahon

After suffering an injury in 2018, Myers had in fact been personally chosen by Vince to join the creative team of the company, as the Chairman had found in him excellent writing skills.

Initially, Myers accepted Mr. McMahon's offer, with the promise that once he was back in shape and health, he would be able to fight back in the company's rings. After getting the OK from the Chairman, Vince still wanted to underline the athlete's skill in his new role, telling him to think about it for a possible future away from the ring, if he wanted.

Eventually, Myers returned to wrestling, but in 2020, with WWE's big wave of releases due to the global pandemic, Hawkins was released, with his work now moving to the Impact Wrestling rings. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers might get a chance to settle their rivalry on an upcoming episode of Impact.

Both men are more commonly known as friends and allies as the WWE wrestlers Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. The two were let go by WWE last April and have since made their way to Impact Wrestling. Brian Myers made his way to Impact first and has been vocally annoyed at Cardona now being with the promotion. Myers has accused Cardona of “following him around”.