Paige reveals that she is working on new projects

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Paige reveals that she is working on new projects

Paige faced her worst nightmare when the chance to do her life and dreamwork was taken away from her at just 25. A serious neck injury, with consequences on her spine, forced her to retire from wrestling. The main events of WrestleMania this year, however, help to understand that the cases in which these problems can be overcome with the passing of the years are not lacking.

And in fact, the former English champion herself explained in a Twitch live that the returns of Edge and Daniel Bryan represent a reason for inspiration and hope for her: that of being able to return one day to the ring. So Paige has realized that there is still a glimmer of hope for her when it comes to ring competitions and she plans to do whatever it takes to turn this dream into a futuristic reality.

WWE has categorically removed her permission to get involved in the action in the ring for years, but who knows that the situation may not change in the coming years or even months. Paige herself, for her part, is trying to make the best of what she can to make the ongoing speculations true.

Paige also discussed more details about her upcoming book

The 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter' has focused on all this, pointing out to the world what Paige said during her Twitch stream: the English champion is in fact undergoing several tests in order to get the green light to fight for new.

In recent times she has been able to witness with her eyes some of the most monumental returns in wrestling history, and she just wants to follow the path traced by Edge and Daniel Bryan: to set an example for millions of her followers worldwide.

“Paige said on her streaming program about her that she is trying to take another medical exam in her neck, in hopes of being allowed to fight again. She saw Edge, Christian and Bryan. And everyone told her that she could never fight again, and then they were all allowed to come back.

Sting is another one who was told by WWE doctors that he would never wrestle again and was also declared wrestling again last year. All of them are also much older than her, ”the source said. During her appearance on Oral Sessions, Paige opened up even further about her upcoming book.

Paquette asked whether the book was more of a diary, or would be going back to Paige's childhood, to which she responded: "Back to Norwich, England, back to growing up and everything. I'm even making it a two-book kinda series.

I have so many stories. It's crazy. Stories that will shock so many people, you know. What I thought was normal, isn't normal to like, the average family, and just people in general... I've just experienced a lot of things."

Despite retiring from the ring in 2018 at just 25 years old, Paige still holds many records in WWE. She is the inaugural NXT Women's Champion, and the youngest ever Divas Champion. Prior to WWE, she was a success on the independent wrestling scene with her mother Sweet Saraya.