WWE might make big plays for AEW stars when...

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WWE might make big plays for AEW stars when...

In recent months, the company that has worked as if it were the famous ace, in the "ace catch it all" card game has undoubtedly been Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling (AEW), with the number two company of the pro-wrestling discipline of the United States, which seems to have taken the place of WWE a few years ago, which was going to hire all the h*ttest free agents on the independent scene, actually raiding all the talent left without a job.

After the important layoffs arrived in 2020, with the start of the global pandemic that had led the WWE to have to do without several insiders, including wrestlers, road agents and office workers, the AEW has in fact caught the ball at the leap, putting under contract several athletes who until a few months ago appeared permanently in the rings of the Vince McMahon-owned company.

AEW introduced many stars to the mainstream pro-wrestling world

To make the point with a broad analysis of the situation that pro-wrestling fans could find themselves in front of in a few years, the usual Wrestling Observer has thought about it in the last hours, with the inevitable voice of Dave Meltzer who has in fact stated, initially speaking of Chris Jericho and his agreement: "Probably someone will leave (or maybe come back, to put it better).

For some time, athletes seem to be going in one direction, but for the moment the AEW has not signed contracts that are not multi-year to its best athletes, which means that they will be in place at least until late 2022.

At that point we might see some movement. I don't know anything about the guys who are at the top. Honestly, I don't see them leaving, but never say never. You never know where people's heads are going and all. The other guys, some of them are sure to get some great offers, but Tony could easily decide to keep them.

There will be some good ones when the time is ripe, for sure." After the announcement of the presence of the former AEW Champion on the WWE television screens for an episode of the Steve Austin podcast, the imagination of fans and professionals seems to be reborn for as far as fantasy wrestling is concerned, at a time that will certainly not be in the near future, given the most recent expirations of the contracts of AEW athletes that will not arrive before a full year.

Christian and Chris Jericho had a successful run as a tag team in WWE. They are both admired by the WWE Universe owing to their memorable time in the promotion. Even though Christian and Jericho have moved on to AEW, they still share fond memories from their time in WWE and how it led to a real-life friendship between them.