Ric Flair on why another Four Horsemen reunion isn't happening

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Ric Flair on why another Four Horsemen reunion isn't happening

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham have made the history of the wrestling world by creating a legendary stable that has inspired generations and generations of superstars. The Four Horsemen were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Dusty Rhodes and it was the last time fans were able to see them together.

The Nature Boy was recently interviewed about the possibilities of a reunion, but he crushed the dreams of fans: "I don't think it can happen because each of us has gone our own way. We have tried in the past, but each is represented by an agent.

different. Economic issues always come into play. In any case, let me tell you that Arn, Tully and Barry should have their place in the Hall of Fame as individual wrestlers."

Ric Flair on The Four Horsemen

Ric Flair then explained that he had also relaxed relations with others: "Barry was fantastic, Arn and Tully knew how to work and speak into the microphone.

Unfortunately, I am no longer in contact with them, it seems that our friendship is now gone, but I am happy for them. They have a big role in AEW and they are both very smart." Arn had a great career in WWE, he was there for 18 or 19 years as an agent and he was probably fed up.

He felt the need to unplug. Being an agent is one of the most stressful jobs in the wrestling world. You always have to help out talents, ask questions around, and make sure everything goes smoothly. I would never do that if I'm honest with you”.

Anderson joined AEW as Cody Rhodes' manager, but in past interviews he has revealed great background on his WWE history, like the time when Titus O'Neil embarrassed Vince McMahon on Raw or Alex Riley's big heat for not listening to John Cena backstage.

Several times there has been talk of a new iteration of the Four Horsemen right at Tony Khan's court, but the plans never materialized. Ric Flair brought up the recent example of Matt Riddle's United States Championship victory.

Flair explained that Riddle looked legitimately excited about becoming the new United States Champion, and for wrestlers, such moments are what count in the end. "If you watched Matt Riddle, he looked so excited to become the U.S.

Champion, And that [reaction] was as much a part of the match. Those are the moments that matter. I know people say it's work, but people who perceive it [wrestling] that way will never be successful. You've got to have your heart into it, and moments like that, when you become a champion, should be huge."