Scott Hall on Vince McMahon Asking Talent to Use Their Face

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Scott Hall on Vince McMahon Asking Talent to Use Their Face

Scott Hall of a famous WWE Hall of Famer and is a former member of the legendary heel group, the NWO. He recently spoke about Vince McMahon asking talent to use their face when cutting promos on TV as he believes that is where the money is.

Scott Hall started his career in WWE in 1992. He was called Razor Ramon at the time. However, he quickly became extremely popular in WWE. He was with Yaz Jung recently and he spoke about Vince telling him to use his face during matches and during promos.

Scott Hall of the Advice That Vince McMahon Gave to Talent

“Vince always told guys to use their face, that’s where the money is … You have to keep an eye on the camera, so in my entrance, I’d usually go and look right to the hard-camera side,” Hall said.

“You could see in the nWo days — I’d just look right at the camera and go, ‘I’m the s***!'” Scott’s finishing move was called the Razor’s Edge. However, he also used a Fallaway Slam which also became a signature move of his.

He spoke about the origin of the move and that he originally wanted to call of the sack of s***. “There was another move, the Fallaway Slam, that some people started calling ‘Hall-away Slam,” Hall stated.

“But I actually called it ‘the sack-of-s***’ cause I was working with [WWE Hall-of-Famer] Carlos Colon at the time in Puerto Rico. “I told him ‘duck the clothesline, then crossbody,’ I caught him and just thinking of cool moves to do, just — boom — I threw him back over my head.

We got back to the locker room and he told me, ‘Amigo! What the hell? You threw me like a sack-of-s***!’. So that’s how I named it, but it’s great to see the young guys still using it”. Scott Hall will be part of the 2020 Hall of Fame induction.

The ceremony will take place this year as it couldn’t take place last year as the pandemic hit. Scott Hall will enter the Hall of Fame with his fellow NWO members Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman. Scott Hall didn’t have a very long career due to his drug abuse problems.

He couldn't focus on his career as much as his peers did and that is why he is not remembered by many casual fans in WWE.