Triple H admits he is impressed with a major superstar

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Triple H admits he is impressed with a major superstar

The Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny has stood out in recent weeks by convincing the WWE to organize a match that will see him protagonist at WrestleMania 37. Waiting for him will in fact be the former WWE Champion The Miz, who openly challenged him by sending in ecstasy both the fans and several insiders.

During his last video conference prior to NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Triple H answered a series of questions focused on the upcoming 'Showcase of the Immortals' Michael Morales of 'Lucha Libre Online' asked The Game about Bad Bunny’s hard work recently at the Performance Center.

HHH said the rapper even chose to move to Orlando in order to refine his preparation for the biggest show on the calendar.

Triple H on Bad Bunny's WrestleMania training

"There are always opportunities to create something special or high-level, especially if there is someone who truly appreciates what we do.

Bad Bunny fits this category perfectly. What not everyone knows is that he has been training every single day at the Performance Center for the past three or four months. He has even moved to Orlando, just think how great is his desire for him.

He went there every day working in an exceptional way" - explained Triple H. "He has earned my respect at all levels. I have always had great respect for him, but now he has also won my respect as a WWE performer. It takes enormous dedication to get to the top, but often the guys don't have the determination to do it.

Everyone would like a chance to show off at WrestleMania, but they don't necessarily have the will to work hard to be up to that stage. Bad Bunny, on the other hand, made himself available without any fear, he impressed me"- added the former heavyweight champion.

The appointment with WrestleMania is almost upon us, all that remains is to enjoy the show. During a recent media call ahead of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Triple H spoke about his in-ring status and the possibility of having a retirement match.

Triple H explained that he considers the in-ring action to be a bonus as he has various others roles in WWE. Triple H revealed that he often gets calls from Ric Flair, and the Nature Boy tries to convince The Game to have a proper retirement match.

"I'm at the point where to me, the in-ring stuff is a bonus. It's funny—[Ric] Flair calls me all the time to tell me, 'You have to get back in the ring. You have to go to WrestleMania; you have to have that closure and do this, whatever, a 'retirement match.'