Edge discusses emotional moment with WWE rival

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Edge discusses emotional moment with WWE rival
Edge discusses emotional moment with WWE rival

He will surely be one of the protagonists of Wrestlemania 37 where he will face in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan and there is a lot of curiosity to see how Edge will behave during this match.

The Canadian wrestler returned to the Royal Rumble where he amazed everyone by starting first in the real fight and winning the Royal Rumble, beating the eternal enemy Randy Orton as the last opponent. During a recent podcast on Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina, the WWE Hall of Famer covered many themes, returning to the fact that last year Wrestlemania 36 was played at the Performance Center without the presence of an audience.

It was in fact the first months of the Pandemic and in the United States, there were very restrictive measures.

Mick Foley created a WrestleMania moment with Edge

Edge spoke of the fact that last year's athletes weren't able to enjoy everything due to the lack of an audience.

Here are the words of him specifically: "Thinking about that moment I think of a guy like Drew McIntyre, he has reached the pinnacle of this thing that he has been working for so many years and there was no one to see him.

I've had moments like that too and these are positive memories one has, so I felt sorry for him. At the same time, I think of Rhea Ripley, you are in your first Wrestlemania and you face Charlotte Flair in a big match, but there is none.

I understand their work, but I guess it must have been really hard for both of them." Both Drew McIntyre and Rhea Ripley will have the chance to redeem themselves soon: in fact, at Wrestlemania 37 the public will be present, there will be two nights in Tampa next 10 and 11 April.

Drew McIntyre will try to take back the WWE Champion title against Bobby Lashley. The Scottish Psychopath lost the title in The Elimination Chamber to The Miz, but the next day on Raw it was The All Mighty who took the title, held until now.

Rhea Ripley also has a chance to win the title against Asuka in a match valid for the Raw Women's Championship. Of course, the stage won't be full, but WWE has limited audience capacity for the event. The term "WrestleMania moment" was created by Shawn Michaels.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer (a.k.a. Mr WrestleMania) produced several memorable moments at WWE’s biggest show of the year. Inspired by Michaels’ WrestleMania success, Mick Foley said he finally created his own "WrestleMania moment" with Edge.

“With Edge whispering ‘I love you,’ in my ear as the three-count was made, I felt this giant weight lifted off my shoulders and I really remember thinking to myself, ‘I did it, I did it. I had my magic WrestleMania moment.’”


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