Legend isn't happy with WWE's plan for Charlotte Flair

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Legend isn't happy with WWE's plan for Charlotte Flair

In recent weeks Charlotte Flair has been literally overshadowed by WWE and has been replaced at Wrestlemania 37 where it will not be her but Rhea Ripley to challenge Asuka for the title. During his last interview on the Lucha Libre Online site, Andrade, now former WWE and companion of Ric Flair's daughter, explained the reason for this choice; the reality was that WWE doctors were convinced of the wrestler's pregnancy.

Andrade clarified the situation: "WWE doctors informed Charlotte that she was pregnant. We went to the pharmacy and the test came back negative. But they pulled her out of her storyline because they said she was pregnant, but 4 days later.

all tests were negative." Due to a mistake by the WWE medical staff, Charlotte Flair will not fight in the match for the Raw women's title. This has created quite a stir and even today The Queen doesn't have a real match on the Show of the Immortals card.

Charlotte Flair's WrestleMania 37 status is currently up in the air

WWE legend Jim Cornette said WWE should somehow compensate Charlotte Flair, who, due to a situation that didn't really involve her, will be forced to miss the main Wrestlemania 37 match.

The former WWE went down hard by heavily attacking WWE and its medical staff. Here are his words about it: "Charlotte was ready to play her matches and respect her commitments and those doctors or rather those charlatans put her out of the game.

Charlotte should still receive the compensation she is entitled to." Currently, Charlotte has no commitments but it is from 2016 that Charlotte Flair is the protagonist of Wrestlemania for the female roster and this shows the value of this athlete.

About her, The positive streak of her at Wrestlemania was born at Wrestlemania 32 when in 2016 The Queen managed to get the better of a match against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Charlotte Flair is currently not booked for a match at The Show of Shows this year.

The Queen has been a mainstay at WrestleMania ever since she made her debut at the mega event in 2016. What's interesting is the fact she has been featured in Women's title matches at every WrestleMania she has competed in.

Charlotte Flair won the Women's title by defeating Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32 in 2016. She would go on to break Asuka's undefeated streak at WrestleMania 34 and retain her SmackDown Women's title in the process.