Dolph Ziggler reveals the moment he thought WWE let him go

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Dolph Ziggler reveals the moment he thought WWE let him go

One of the wrestlers who have had a little more of the lights on themselves by WWE in the last period, after years spent in the federation's general mid-carding, is the current Smackdown Tag Team Champion, Dolph Ziggler, teammate.

Robert Roode's team, with whom he reigns in the duo division of the Friday night blue show. For years, Ziggler played in the intermediate category of the various McMahon show cards, but for a time the wrestler had even managed to hold the position of World Heavyweight Champion, in two different realms that did not go like the athlete's fans.

they hoped. In spite of everything, Ziggler has nevertheless won several titles, from the Intercontinental one to those of duo, with the federation having in every way relied on his performances, although he began his career in a team that had very little to hope for your future: the Spirit Squad.

Dolph Ziggler potentially reacts to not being on the WWE WrestleMania 37 card

With one of his latest comments released on his Twitter account, the Smackdown duo champion wanted to answer the question of a fan who asked him if, at the beginning of his WWE career, Dolph Ziggler would ever have imagined making success and continuing his singles career, going as far as he is now.

With a fairly eloquent comment, Dolph Ziggler instead replied: "No. When DX locked us in a box and shipped us out and kicked us out of the TV shows, I thought we'd be fired." With this memory, Dolph Ziggler recalled the famous angle with which the team formed by Triple H and Shawn Michaels locked him and the members of the Spirit Squad, the first Ziggler team in WWE, in a trunk and sent them to the OVW headquarters, WWE-affiliated development company years ago, with a hilarious segment, in which Shawn pretended to be Vince McMahon.

At that precise moment, Ziggler was in fact convinced of being fired from the management of the Stamford-based company, but obviously, it was not. Dolph Ziggler has been in WWE for a very long time, and he's been a part of many WrestleMania events.

This year, however, The Showoff and his tag team partner Robert Roode could miss the Show of Shows, despite the fact that they're the reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Instead, they are going to put their titles on the line on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown in a Fatal Four-Way match. Ziggler recently sent out a tweet that might be connected to his exclusion from the WrestleMania match card.