The Boogeyman sends a message to Vince McMahon

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The Boogeyman sends a message to Vince McMahon

One of the most disturbing and particular characters that have ever appeared in the WWE rings, is undoubtedly The Boogeyman, a wrestler seen for some years in the Friday Night Smackdown rings, who with a particular facepaint and a particular look, made the worst nightmares to Superstar of the McMahon federation, but also to the smallest fans of the company.

One of the most horrifying characteristics of the wrestler was that of eating worms still alive, with Boogeyman who also used these animals to scare the hell out of his opponents, knocking them out and then spreading all those slimy little creatures in the face of his opponent.

The feud between Boogeyman and JBL, with which "the black man" even got his hands on the Cabinet of the former WWE Champion, remained vivid in the memory of WWE Universe fans, becoming Jillian's nightmare. Hall, which Boogeyman also ate a growth that the athlete had attached to one ear.

Former WWE Superstar The Boogeyman had a message for Vince McMahon via his official Twitter handle.

The Boogeyman looks in great shape in the video that he posted

After reappearing in some episodes of the weekly WWE shows dedicated to the legends of the company, such as Raw Legends, The Boogeyman seems to have shown an interest in returning to fight in that company that made him famous years ago, still showing a form truly optimal physics, despite the age no longer very young.

With a video posted on his Twitter account, addressed directly to Vince McMahon, The Boogeyman, wanted to show the WWE Chairman his current physical form, trying to get contacted for a future job in the Stamford-based federation rings.

Below is the short video posted by the athlete himself on his Twitter account. In a complicated moment like this, with a global pandemic still gripping all the world markets, including pro wrestling, it is a bit difficult for Vince McMahon to go and hire new/old wrestlers who are not part of the team.

of the WWE, however, rightly, never say never. A character like The Boogeyman will always have his market, but the best of himself would surely give it to an audience in the hall, who would be horrified by his appearance and especially by his attitude, which are unique and unrepeatable, from any other athlete to the world.

The Boogeyman defeated the former WCW Champion and his wife Sharmell in a Handicap Match in his first WrestleMania match. He didn't do much of note as a WWE Superstar following WrestleMania and never won a title during his stint.