Matt Hardy calls out WWE on Twitter

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Matt Hardy calls out WWE on Twitter

As very often happens on WWE TV screens, when an athlete no longer works with the McMahons and perhaps goes to express all his skill in the ring of other rival companies, WWE tries to oust as much as possible the video material of that wrestler, from all sources reachable by fans of the company.

With magic worthy of the greatest illusionist, the WWE technical department manages to hide something or someone in the best possible way, which until the day before was present in every way on the television screens of the Stamford-based company.

One of the most sensational cases, which come back to be discussed every time, is certainly that of Chris Benoit. Despite the phenomenal career of the Canadian athlete, his tragic end, to which he also forced his wife and child, "gave him" a lifelong ban on all WWE content, with the federation having preferred to depart from the day of his death.

in a total way from his figure, eliminating any reference to the person of Benoit, both inside and outside the ring. Obviously, all the other cases are not so serious and above all the choice of the WWE is a mere commercial matter, with the McMahons who prefer not to show the great performances of their former athletes, in order not to sponsor the opposing shows too much.

Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy has taken to social media to question why he has been omitted from a list of WrestleMania crowd reactions. One of the most sensational reactions to a return to the WWE rings in recent years, certainly came at Wrestlemania 33, when the Triple Threat Ladder match for the Monday Night Raw duo titles quickly became a Fatal 4 Way with the same stipulation and the WWE wanted to add also the returning Hardy Boyz to the dispute, who were the ones who won the match with the stairs.

Should Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy’s return feature in the top 10?

Obviously, the genuine and boisterous reaction of the public, has been repeatedly inserted by the WWE in different rankings in recent years, as one of the loudest reactions of fans of the WWE Universe, but in the last period, that segment would have been cut by several videos, with Matt Hardy himself who wanted to give his explanation to the fans.

With the following tweet, the eldest of the Hardy brothers said: "For everyone who is tweeting me, our return to WM33 is not included because I am now in AEW. I always thought it was a harmful practice to selectively review history with diehard fans.

Tell me, should our return to WM33 also be on this list?" As the video above shows, WrestleMania 33 hosts The New Day introduced Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy as surprise participants in a ladder match. The returning duo defeated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows, Cesaro & Sheamus, and Big Cass & Enzo Amore to become RAW Tag Team Champions.