WWE stars quarantining before WrestleMania

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WWE stars quarantining before WrestleMania
WWE stars quarantining before WrestleMania

There are only a few days left to the most-awaited pro-wrestling event by fans around the world: WrestleMania. Among the Big Four of the Stamford company, Wrestlemania is certainly the most historic, famous and important event of the Vince McMahon-owned federation, with the fame of the show of the shows, which has reached every cave in the world, with fans connected to follow the Showcase of the Immortals (WrestleMania) from all continents and from all countries of the globe.

Also this year, despite the restrictions due to the pandemic for the event will be quite concrete, the public will return to reign in a WWE show, with fans who have been waiting for this moment for more than a year, given that the edition last year, it was the first and probably the only edition ever, with no one in the company's Performance Center.

WrestleMania is coming up next week

Apparently, in the last few hours the WWE would have established guidelines for WrestleMania and all the events that, like every year, will make up the famous Wrestlemania Week, with the athletes who would have wanted to include in these guidelines also a further measure, that the federation did not require them.

According to what Dave Melter stated in one of his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, many of the WWE athletes would have self-quarantined, moving away from anyone in the last week, to avoid any kind of possible contagion, in order not to endanger your own performance or that of colleagues in preparation for Wrestlemania.

In fact, to the Observer's microphones, Meltzer said: "About the WWE quarantine rules for this week. There have been no warrants or requests from the company. There are several people who have voluntarily quarantined themselves by choice this week because they don't want anyone to test positive." A very wise behavior for several of the McMahon athletes, therefore, who are trying in every way to make everything go smoothly after last year's edition was certainly cut down by numerous absences, including the heaviest and most important one, that of the public.

WWE has one more episode of Raw before WrestleMania and they added a match to hype their Raw Tag Team Title match. The company has booked Xavier Woods in a singles match against AJ Styles. This episode was taped on Tuesday last week, but it will still be an exciting match for the show.

AJ Styles and Omos will team up to take on The New Day for the Raw Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania. They have saved Omos’ in-ring debut for WrestleMania, so we’ll have to see what the big man can do.


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