Seth Rollins says he still has a little bit of The Shield in his character

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Seth Rollins says he still has a little bit of The Shield in his character

The Shield is now light-years away in the WWE universe. But it is not for someone who was one of the great protagonists of him. Seth Rollins went through a great WWE trip. He is ready to face Cesaro at WrestleMania 37, in a contest that would have attracted all kinds of attention and praise in any great independent show until a decade ago.

The Messiah was before then the Architect and a member of the Hounds of Justice. And today he considers all those pieces of his character something that is part of him. And that he continues to take with him to the WWE rings every week.

During his speech on the 'Out Of Character' podcast, Seth Rollins discussed his character's transition to WWE. He has gone through his nearly decade-long story arc and revealed that he still loves to take a piece of his former characters with him even in his current incarnation.

Seth Rollins has been through quite a journey in WWE

“I've been the character of Seth Rollins in some different kind of incarnation for over nine years now. The character arc has evolved a lot in this time, and I can tell you that there are still parts of the old me in every detail of the character.

From what I have been in The Shield, to whatever I am doing now in the elegant and impractical clothes of the Messiah." And now Seth Rollins struggles to distinguish the authentic himself from the many facets that his character has encompassed all these years: "I don't know how much of all this is entirely me, or an idea I have of myself.

Or how much it represents the perception that people have of me. I just don't know anymore. Things just go on, and their movement is unstoppable at this point." Clearly, a return of the Shield (yet another, by the way) is absolutely out of the question at the moment, in WWE as elsewhere.

And the reason is all too clear: a very important piece of that puzzle is missing (Dean Ambrose, aka Jon Moxley who is in AEW today). Yet Seth Rollins still considers that version of himself to be something that he continues to carry with him, and it would be interesting to understand what bit of Shield the Messiah likes to offer us every week at SmackDown.

Currently a solid heel in WWE, Seth Rollins heads into WrestleMania 37, looking to take out Cesaro for all the 'disrespect' the Swiss Superman has dished out at him. Rollins has beef with Cesaro considering the number of times the latter has "swung" the former in the build-up to WrestleMania.