*Spoiler* WWE adds two matches to WrestleMania card

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*Spoiler* WWE adds two matches to WrestleMania card

Now there are only a few days left before the two live shows that fans around the world have been waiting for for a whole year, namely those dedicated to the show of the number one company in the world: WrestleMania. After a year of pandemic passed between restrictions, missed trips, live shows with no audience and surprises that came straight home, with the WWE ThunderDome, fans of the WWE Universe will be able to return to visit live, albeit in a contained manner due to covid, in a real stadium, where the WWE show will be held.

In Tampa Bay, the most anticipated show of the year in the pro-wrestling world will be staged, with Wrestlemania which, just like last year, will go live in two days, with the public returning for the first time to attend only a few meters from the ring, as has not happened for over a year, with the WWE that is inserting as many matches as possible in the two cards of the event, in the last weekly TV shows.

The latest news on WrestleMania 37

In the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired during the night, WWE also wanted to pull the strings of the women's division, going to insert a double appointment in the Wrestlemania cards, also giving away the titles of the female Tag Team Champions of the main roster.

currently alongside Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. If on the first night of WrestleMania, a multi-tag team turmoil match will be broadcast between the teams formed by Natalya and Tamina, Billie Kay and Carmella, Lana and Naomi and the Riott Squad, in the second evening we will instead go to see the winners of the match of the night before, go and challenge the team of champions, in a contest where obviously there will also be titles at stake.

After what happened in the latest weekly episodes of Raw and Smackdown, it now seemed inevitable that the WWE could make such a decision, as there were now too many teams who wanted a single challenge for the company's duo titles.

In order not to harm anyone, WWE has thus decided to throw all the athletes into the cauldron, putting on a multi-team match in the first evening of the show and then a titled match in the second. The Miz and Morrison appeared on the Tron and accepted the challenge of turning the singles match into a tag clash, making it official.

Months ago, the reported plan all along was for this tag team match to take place, but minor injuries to both Priest and Morrison left it in jeopardy until the last possible moment.