Rumor killer on report about Bray Wyatt's heat in WWE

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Rumor killer on report about Bray Wyatt's heat in WWE

Many times, the most disparate news and rumors appear online, which are often shared and re-shared by users of the various sites, who do not however inform themselves about the truthfulness of the sources and thus also spread hoaxes or fake news, which even in the world of pro-wrestling are unfortunately on the agenda.

One of the latest news of this type to emerge was WWE's alleged stance towards former Federation Universal Champion Bray Wyatt, who according to this elusive "spoiler killer" had reappeared in the WWE rings in 2019 after months.

of absence, for having been heavily punished by the WWE, due to the end of his marriage which has become too sensational in the media. As confirmed by several online sites, one above all Ringside News, the WWE is not said to have taken any type of disciplinary action against the athlete, although recent rumors raised fears of his involuntary exit from the scene, caused by the management of the federation as a way of indicating punishment.

Backstage News on Bray Wyatt

As reported by the journalists of the well-known American portal, in fact: "Stories like these are simple clickbaits. These stories become problematic because there are people who currently believe in this fake news and the thing becomes even more dangerous because the false information spread, then also goes around the world.

They run fast through the traffic of various information. They have an effect on the family lives of performers and eventually one of them who writes these things will be denounced, if not the whole site that repeats without sources or from a false source."

Basically, the story that Bray Wyatt before reappearing with the Fiend alter ego in 2019, with his sensational attacks on several important characters of the company, had been kept out for the breakup with his wife and the beginning of the story.

with JoJo it is absolutely false, with the fighter who now plays the role of the burned Fiend who has never suffered any punishment for his love choices. There were also some eerie backstage segments with Alexa Bliss trying to bring back The Fiend by using black magic and a pentagram.

After weeks of build-up, Alexa Bliss challenged Randy Orton to a match at WWE Fastlane 2021, which the Viper accepted. At the PPV, The Fiend returned to WWE TV after nearly three months. However, he had a completely new and disturbing look with a melted mask and clothes, continuing the angle of Randy Orton burning him at WWE TLC 2020.