What Riddle was supposed to say to Asuka last week on Raw

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What Riddle was supposed to say to Asuka last week on Raw

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the segment staged in the penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw, last week, where the WWE flag show champion and the American federation champion, met backstage of the ThunderDome and started talking about Riddle's scooter, until the former MMA athlete forgot his jokes, admitting it candidly in front of the cameras and walking away out of the blue, leaving Asuka quite dubious.

Apparently, in the hours immediately following the live broadcast of Raw, it seemed that the mistake had really arrived in front of the cameras, but after a few days, the news was made that he saw Riddle having had the approval from the federation for such a segment, that otherwise he would have had the fury of the Chairman, who would have also ousted him from the appointment after Raw, the Raw Talk.

Vince McMahon thought Riddle's botch on WWE RAW was hilarious

As reported in the weekly Fightful Select podcast, it would seem that the mistake that came backstage on Monday Night Raw was anything but prepared, with Riddle really forgetting what he had to say and how his apologies were real, but the segment was recorded in advance during the day last Monday, with Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard who would have enjoyed following the skit so much, that they would have preferred to keep it that way, without repeating it.

Initially, Riddle's script was in fact completely different, with the US champion having to talk about Japan and various other issues associated with it, such as Mr. Fuji or the clandestine robot battles in the country.

The memory, however, played a bad joke on the secondary champion of the red show, who completely forgot the lines to follow and so apologized to the crew, who instead appreciated his spontaneity, also rewarding him on-screen.

Apparently, the same Chairman of the WWE is said to be a huge fan of the comedy and the hilarious part of Riddle, so much so that he wanted to present it at all costs to fans of the WWE Universe as well. It certainly sounds like Riddle's stock in WWE couldn't be any higher right now as he heads into the biggest match of his career this weekend at WrestleMania.

At the Show of Shows this Sunday, he defends the United States Championship against Sheamus. For now, the WWE Universe awaits tonight's edition of RAW to find out what kind of backstage hijinx RIddle will find himself in this week.

What are your thoughts on the WWE RAW segment between Riddle and Asuka last week? Do you think Vince McMahon will turn this into a bit going forward?