What Becky Lynch told Seth Rollins when he stopped...

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What Becky Lynch told Seth Rollins when he stopped...

The couple made up of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, two high-level superstars on the WWE roster recently had a child and are one of the closest couples in the company. During a recent interview in the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, the Messiah told an anecdote about his private life and the fact that some time ago he had deleted his social accounts, in particular Twitter.

It was his partner who changed his mind and made him reinstall the application. Here are his words about it: "It has always been like that, I hate social media. I don't like it very much and I had deleted the Twitter app from my phone, I did it for many months, it had created a real toxic environment in my head.

Before I became a father, I had decided not to waste time on these things. It was actually the one who was my girlfriend, then my wife, who tried to make me change my mind and say 'Think about it' I know you hate it, I know you don't totally like it but you should think about it.

I thought about it, I looked around and I thought 'Damn, then I'll try and see what happens" The reaction to his return to social media has been very good with many fans who appreciated this return. It must be said that Seth Rollins had a heated war with NJPV superstar Will Ospreay some time ago where part of the fans lined up on one side and part on the other.

Seth Rollins received major fan backlash on social media back in 2019

In the course of a recent interview with Good Day DC on Fox 5, Seth Rollins talked about his career as a wrestler, a career that saw his return to the ring at the Royal Rumble, after an absence of a few months due to the birth of his son.

with Becky Lynch. Here are his words about it: "In the end, the reality is that I'm really good, that's it. When you're good at your job you can be a part of it and you can always do it at a high profile just like I have for most of my career...

At the same time, I have worked hard every day, really important in the federation and now I am in such a position where I can ask people and other wrestlers to embrace my vision." Seth Rollins was on the receiving end of a major social media backlash following the exchange.

He later apologized to Ospreay on Twitter, but the trolling didn't stop there. Rollins wasn't as active on Twitter last year as he once used to be, but "The Man" convinced him to start using the app again.

Rollins is currently quite active on Twitter and is using the social media app to put over his new persona on SmackDown. Rollins can usually be found praising himself in character and berating his opponents on his Twitter account.