Paige shares revealing message to celebrate 3 years of sobriety

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Paige shares revealing message to celebrate 3 years of sobriety

Paige remains one of the most popular female Superstars to ever step foot in a WWE ring. However, in recent years there has been a lot of talk about her also because of a deep and painful problem with drugs and alcohol, which went on for a long time.

However, today Paige can confidently claim that she has defeated her demons. And in fact, right now she revealed that she has finally been sober for three consecutive years. During one of her appearances on the 'Oral Sessions' podcast, Paige was asked what gave her the decisive push to beat her demons.

Paige revealed that it was WWE that gave her a second chance, and so did her loyal fans who helped her begin the journey to her sobriety. "My withdrawal from drugs began when I started my second adventure in the ring...

When I got the call to return to WWE, it lifted my spirits a lot," Paige revealed, explaining that during that time she had also the strength to move away from compulsive physical intercourse with his partners.

Paige remains one of the most popular female WWE Superstars

But there was also more: "I met a completely unknown girl in a grocery store.

She looked at me like I was a superhero, like Wonder Woman or something. Obviously, she doesn't read social media and she doesn't see me in magazines. scandals, in the headlines or whatever. She was just delighted to see me and said she wanted to be like me one day.

And that really was a moment of awakening for me." In short, seeing that she really is a role model for young people gave Paige the boost she needed: "There are so many boys and girls out there who look at us as role models.

I'm not saying I'm the perfect role model - not. I am - but I feel people admire me because I've made mistakes so many times and reacted later. Now I'm having a nice positive journey." Paige then gave her boyfriend Ronnie Radke credit for being close to her and giving her extra strength to stay sober for three years: "I shudder to think about it.

It's good to be happy and not have anyone mess with your life. I have a wonderful boyfriend who encourages me... It is thanks to him that I finally quit smoking and alcohol. He told me I looked stupid when I did, I agreed with him and we stopped drinking together.

You really need a good support system how's that" Paige had to retire from in-ring competition after suffering a career-ending neck injury. However, it seems she is working hard to get cleared for an in-ring return. We will have to see if Paige will ever return to the squared circle.