A possible reason why The Hurt Business was broken up

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A possible reason why The Hurt Business was broken up

One of the most shocking events that have occurred over the last few weeks on Monday Night Raw is certainly WWE's decision to dissolve The Hurt Business, Stable which sees current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley as CEO and protagonist.

The latter, together with MVP, made the farewell of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin official in the red show, considered, after the last tests, not up to the rest of The Hurt Business. The All Mighty has in fact 'insulted' the former teammates after they first lost the match valid for the couple title against New Day and subsequently lost in a Handicap Match in their favor against the then challenger to the title Drew McIntyre.

Last week and this one just aired, Lashley gave a lesson first to Shelton Benjamin and then to Cedric Alexander by annihilating the ambitions of the two wrestlers. At the end of the match, Shelton Benjamin again tried to attack the former boss, but he too was badly beaten.

A possible reason why The Hurt Business was broken up

During the last episode of Legion of Raw, broadcast conducted by Chris Featherstone and starring the former member of the creative team of the red show Vince Russo, the latter tried to clarify the reasons for this particular and discussed dissolution.

Here are his words: "Why was The Hurt Business destroyed? Why are you watching a three-hour show? Suddenly last week King Corbin arrived and now he will star in the Raw Main Event. I remember what happened with Andrade, Garza and Zelina Vega...

Suddenly they got involved in the show, now the same happens with Riddle and the New Day and I think it will happen with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander as well. The reality is that none of this has any logic, they just go on to pass the time, but there is no established plot."

Once again Vince Russo held a critical stance on the company of Vince McMahon's family. On RAW this week, Bobby Lashley faced former stablemate, Cedric Alexander, in singles action. Both Alexander and Shelton Benjamin tried to jump Lashley before the match but the All Mighty bulldozed through them.

Once the match began, Alexander got some punches in. But this match was only going one way. Lashley hit Alexander with a Spear before finishing him off with The Hurt Lock. Shelton Benjamin tried to go after Lashley once again after the match ended, but the champion would have none of it.

He put Benjamin in the Hurt Lock and almost made him pass out. Lashley will defend the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37.