Sami Zayn blames WWE bots for making memes with him

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Sami Zayn blames WWE bots for making memes with him

In the past, Sami Zayn has already proved to be one of the best WWE Superstars at exploiting social networks to carry on the ongoing storylines on the web. He had done it for example when SmackDown was talking about his dismissal, and he took the opportunity to reuse his old indies ring name.

And something similar is happening even now, where his main story involves the presentation of a documentary exposing "the plot against him" in WWE. And that the former Intercontinental Champions is exploiting in a very intelligent way as always.

In fact, last Friday at SmackDown, Sami Zayn started dancing when her guest of honor, YouTube celebrity Logan Paul, stepped off the ramp to watch the infamous documentary's red carpet. A segment that soon turned into a meme, with many montages circulated since then and in which the Canadian can be seen dancing to the notes of any song.

One of the many "quarters of an hour" of celebrity that sprang from a single segment (in this one of the "habituée" of recent years is Braun Strowman). But Zayn found a way to use it all to move his storyline forward.

At first, in fact, Sami Zayn was annoyed on Twitter.

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In the meantime, however, something has changed. And in fact, in publishing a further video montage (thus giving it visibility), Sami Zayn has even raised the doubt that this popularity is an integral part of the WWE plot against him.

"WOW! I heard from an anonymous source that many of the 'Dancin' Sami ' memes/videos like the one below are being spread by WWE paid bots to divert attention from my documentary! Apparently, just the trailer was enough.

shook them. All this is colossal if it is true!": In short, Sami Zayn is making something that concerns him even more famous and that he is pretending not to want her to be famous, wanting to make his storyline more famous that thanks to this trick he is making more famous.

A sentence as convoluted to write as it is simple and natural in its execution. And that can be easily summarized as: Sami Zayn is a true social genius. Sami Zayn has enlisted the services of YouTube sensation Logan Paul to prove the relevance of his documentary.

Before his appearance on SmackDown, the two men were exchanging messages via Twitter, with Zayn even sending some exclusive footage to Logan Paul. However, after now seeing the trailer of Sami Zayn's documentary, Paul is expressing some doubts.