Georgia Smith on Whether Davey Boy Smith Will Return to WWE or Not

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Georgia Smith on Whether Davey Boy Smith Will Return to WWE or Not

Davey Boy Smith was known as The British Bulldog and his children are carrying his wonderful legacy in their own ways. Georgia Smith is currently working as the CEO of the British Bulldog companies. She manages the official website and makes personal appearances whenever possible.

She lost her dad when she was only 14 years of age. Her brother, Harry followed his father’s footsteps and became a professional wrestler. He took the name Davey Boy Smith Jr. and he knew that he had to succeed. He was trained by the legendary professional wrestler Bret Hart during his adolescent years.

In 2006, he joined WWE’s developmental branch as David Hart Smith. He formed the Next Generation Hart Foundation or the Hart Dynasty with Natalya and Tyson Kid. The team managed to capture the tag titles, but the run didn’t have anything substantial.

Georgia Smith on Will We Ever See Davey Boy Smith Return to WWE

He worked for a long time in Japan where he gained tons of experience and formed a great reputation for himself. He then joined Major League Wrestling in the United States after his run in Japan ended.

He formed the new era of the Hart Foundation with Brian Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart. He has spent nearly a decade outside of WWE. Georgia recently spoke about whether we will ever see Davey return to WWE now that is he reportedly a free agent.

“He is a free agent right now,” Georgia Smith stated. “I think he is looking at all his options. I’d like to see wherever he goes if he becomes Harry Smith and runs with it. I think he has grown and learned a lot from when he left WWE in 2011.

I think he gained more confidence. I think him wrestling with my dad’s name has really given him confidence. It has given me confidence where I’m like, ‘Wow, I can make things happen.’ I think my dad from afar has helped us in some ways, which is really special”.

For many professional wrestlers, WWE is not the only option that they have now. AEW and NJPW are also great options and they let their talents cut their own promos. Promotions like NJPW are known for focusing mostly on the wrestling that happens in the ring instead of storylines which some wrestlers prefer.