Bruce Prichard Speaks About the WWE Monday Night Wars

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Bruce Prichard Speaks About the WWE Monday Night Wars

Bruce Prichard recently spoke about the Monday Night Wars and what he would have done differently during the Monday Night Wars. Bruce Prichard runs his own podcast called Something To Wrestle With: Bruce Prichard where he spoke about the legendary era.

The Monday Night Wars took place between WWE and WCW where eventually WCW was defeated by WWE. The war started in 1995. During the war, the WWE and WCW took a lot of shots at each other, including the WWE taking a shot at Ted Turner who was the owner of TNT at that time.

Prichard spoke about the skit that was prepared to mock Turner.

Bruce Prichard on Some Things WWE Should Not Have Done During Monday Night Wars

“Anytime you challenge Vince, in being the competitor he is and the challenger he is, he’s going to fight you,” Prichard said.

“He’s going to do everything he can to survive and this was an example of it. You’re trying to put me out of business, they stated they wanted to put us out of business, let’s go”. WWF did those skits as WCW constantly called out WWF at that time.

They used to even release their pre-taped show results live on Monday Nitro. Prichard stated that it was a bad idea for WWF to focus on what WCW was doing as that actually gave WCW a lot of credibilities and WWF lost focus on their own product.

“Hindsight being 20/20, I wished we had completely ignored them,” Prichard said. “We’re doing everything that we found the territory guys did. Everybody was worried about what Vince was doing and tried to battle Vince instead of taking care of his own home.

“You start watching your competitor because the things they were doing were making noise. If we had focused less on that and focused on our own stuff, what I mean by less is ignore it. Completely ignore it. By doing it in a lot of ways, we gave them credibility and directed attention to them”.

Even though WCW was doing very well during the Monday Night Wars, a few bad decisions were taken by TNT and WCW which led to them losing the Monday Night Wars. Also, WCW didn’t have a solid counter to the Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon Storyline, which really hurt WCW pretty badly. In fact, many people believe that storyline was the beginning of the end for WCW.