Rob Van Dam on Being Inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame

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Rob Van Dam on Being Inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame

Rob Van Dam is one of the most recognized WWE hardcore wrestlers of all time, and he recently spoke about being part of the WWE Hall of Fame class 2021. Rob Van Dam was very well known for being a high-risk taker and regularly put his body on the line to entertain the fans.

He gave an interview to Battle Creek Enquirer to talk about the ceremony. It was a virtual ceremony and Vince McMahon spoke to RVD after the ceremony. “Being inducted into the Hall of Fame probably means more than being a world champion because there are probably a lot of world champions that will never be in the hall of fame,” Van Dam said.

“To have Vince McMahon stand up during the induction ceremony and tell me that I changed the style of the business was probably the highest compliment I could imagine”.

Rob Van Dam Speaks About Part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2021

RVD stated that he was quite surprised when he received a call from WWE about the Hall of Fame induction.

He stated that he was not expecting a call at all, as RVD wasn’t ever the face of WWE, during his runs with the company. He did face many top stars in WWE, but usually never came on top as he was never considered a main event talent in WWE.

“I was delighted when I heard. It was a surprise call. To me, it means a lot,” he said. “I am going down in history with the legends that inspired me when I was growing up in Battle Creek, dreaming of being a professional wrestler.

Now generations to come will look at me in a similar way. That’s quite an honor”. RVD has fought for many different wrestling promotions. After leaving WWE, he started working for Impact Wrestling, where he won numerous titles.

During his time in Impact Wrestling, he became the main event talent and even defeated wrestling legends such as Sting during his time there. Impact Wrestling was extremely good for him. In fact, his last run in Impact Wrestling ended a while back.

That could be Rob Van Dam’s last run of his career. RVD has expressed interest in joining All Elite Wrestling, but he stated he just wishes to do it for the money and not for the love of wrestling.