Seth Rollins says that program with Rey Mysterio got carried away

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Seth Rollins says that program with Rey Mysterio got carried away

One of the most memorable storylines of the WWE pandemic year will remain for the next few years to come, the one between the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and the San Diego elf, Rey Mysterio, with the two have faced each other for almost a year whole, even staging very particular matches, such as the first Eye for an Eye match in WWE history, with which Rollins almost completely blinded his opponent, hitting one of his eyes with a steel ladder.

In the very long storyline in which Murphy, Dominik Mysterio and all the rest of the Mexican-born family were eventually included, all the members of the feud were also moved from Raw to Smackdown, with the company's annual Draft, which succeeded "strangely" to report the same situations that occurred on Raw, even in the Smackdown ring.

Seth Rollins on Rey Mysterio

To the microphones of the Out of Character Podcast, Cesaro's opponent at Wrestlemania 37, Seth Rollins, wanted to talk about this great battle he had with the former WWE Champion, a close friend of the late Eddie Guerrero, even pulling his ears a little to WWE for pulling too hard on this show and saying: "Some stories simply last too long after they start, but we have been able to tell all of our stories clearly and comprehensively in six or seven months, which generally doesn't happen in front of a live audience, which would otherwise force the changes in the creative team.

Working with Rey Mysterio was a real bomb, even if in the end things were drawn for long. However, I am very proud of the eye for an eye match." Although the length of his program did not completely suit the former WWE Universal Champion, the storyline told by him and the entire Mysterio family is said to have been appreciated by the insiders and also by a very conspicuous part of the WWE Universe, which began to abandon its interest in the thing only at the end of everything, when Seth Rollins was now absent for the birth of his first child.

While speaking on The Complex Sports Podcast, Seth Rollins shared his Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling. While mentioning Hulk Hogan, Rollins made sure to mention that Shawn Michaels is his favorite pro-wrestler of all time.

Seth Rollins then explained why he chose Hogan over Michaels and then also noted that regardless of his contributions to pro wrestling, Hulk Hogan isn’t a great human being.