Drew McIntyre compares his WWE career with Bobby Lashley

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Drew McIntyre compares his WWE career with Bobby Lashley

About a year ago Drew McIntyre achieved the greatest success of his career by winning the Main Event at Wrestlemania 36 against Brock Lesnar and thus winning the WWE Championship. After years of waiting, the wrestler has thus fulfilled his dream and this year was probably the best of his WWE experience.

After 12 months this year, The Scottish Psychopath will again take part in one of the main matches of Wrestlemania 37 and will probably face WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on the first evening of the two evenings dedicated to the show.

The two have a long recent history behind them with The All Mighty attacking the still champion Drew at The Elimination Chamber and thus helping The Miz in winning the title.

Drew McIntyre says Bobby Lashley's title reign is "long overdue"

While Bobby Lashley praised Drew McIntyre's way of working in WWE, the British wrestler, in a recent appearance on the TalkWrestling podcast, spoke about some similarities between him and Bobby Lashley.

Here are his words: "The journey that Bobby and I did are similar, we sailed through ups and downs. Both he and I are chosen but in the beginning, in WWE it was difficult for us, something did not work. We had to leave to find our true potential, he expected a lot of us when we were young.

But in the end, we found each other, we had great matches outside the company but we went back to WWE, we made our way and now we have found success, we are both fighting for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 37, facing each other is really fantastic."

Speaking of the summit clash between the two, Drew said: "This year I want to hear people scream my name as I take the title, it's something I've dreamed of since I was a child. Bobby Lashley is the right opponent and from Royal Rumble of 2020 now I have to reassemble all the pieces, he with MVP makes a good match, he has been put on the right path and the two of us will face each other in a great match."

Bobby Lashley followed up on that bounty today with a short video on social media. The WWE Champion sent out a message to the locker room once again to plug the fact that a golden opportunity is on the table. They just need to stop McIntyre from making it to Raymond James Stadium on April 10th.

He said “I am 100% prepared to destroy Drew McIntyre,” but Lashley is also a businessman. He’s heard the complaints about Superstars not getting an opportunity. Lashley is willing to put up a big bargaining chip in order to take down Drew McIntyre.