Kurt Angle gives his verdict on a young freestyle wrestler

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Kurt Angle gives his verdict on a young freestyle wrestler

Brock Lesnar is considered a generational talent, as his achievements have very few equals in the combat sports business. The Beast has also been the subject of numerous controversies during his long career, mainly due to his stellar remuneration and a not always idyllic relationship with other superstars.

His last appearance in WWE now dates back to WrestleMania 36, ​​when Drew McIntyre ended his controversial reign as champion. It is rumored that the Stamford-based federation does not want to use Lesnar in such a scenario, with the arenas still without spectators due to the global pandemic.

Another Minnesota talent could take Brock's place someday: we're talking about Gable Steveson. The latter has repeatedly expressed his desire to become one of the iconic faces of WWE in the future. During the first edition of the 'Ask Kurt Anything' show on 'AdFreeShows.com', former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle answered a question regarding Steveson's potential.

"I think he has all the credentials to become a great star, starting from the physical appearance. If he fits into pro wrestling the way Brock Lesnar did, then he could become exactly like him. He has only to commit himself to seize the opportunities that will present themselves in front of him.

At some point, I think he will have to make a choice between pro-wrestling and MMA. Regardless of what he decides to do, I am convinced that we are facing a future champion. He looks great and is already a phenomenal athlete ”- explained Kurt Angle.

Gable Steveson's WWE dream and relationship with Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle also talked about his former friend Chris Benoit, a topic that has become almost taboo in the WWE environment. “If we just focus on the ring, on his wrestler and performer skills, he was one of the best ever.

I have never faced such an intense and technically skilled guy. It would be stupid to say otherwise." Steveson dreams of being a top guy in WWE, and he has already been endorsed by the wrestling legends he idolizes. Steveson's current focus is on the Olympics, but WWE would be the ideal destination for him after completing his amateur wrestling commitments.

Many stars have been tipped to be the next Brock Lesnar in recent years, but none have even managed to come close to matching the former UFC champion's accolades. Will Gable Steveson be the one to fill the Brock Lesnar void in the WWE? Gable Steveson has stated in the past that he has an "amazing" relationship with Brock Lesnar and intends on following the former Universal Champion's path.