First look at WrestleMania 37 stage construction

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First look at WrestleMania 37 stage construction

In the past few days, WWE has completely focused on building the busiest and most important week of its year, WrestleMania Week, which is the happiest week for a wrestling fan who has been following McMahon's company for years, both for all the surprises that you will see during the seven (and more) days of the show, both for the atmosphere that reigns in every area linked to the world of the discipline.

After seeing NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver's first prime-time airing, with the NXT roster, once again having great success with a large swath of federation fans, WWE is gearing up to stage also the second evening dedicated to NXT and then immediately after, also the two even more important evenings dedicated to Wrestlemania 37, by the main roster.

As every year, there is always someone inside or outside the WWE who tries, first of all, to get to see what the WrestleMania stage will be like, in advance of plans, with the construction of the stage and above all the details that WWE builds every year for the Showcase of the Immortals, which are always one of the curiosities that most attract the interest of connected fans from home.

WrestleMania 37 has a packed card from top to bottom

Since we at WorldWrestling, just like all of you at home, are curious about how the Wrestlemania 37 stage will be set up this year, which after a terrible year will return to shine under the sky of Tampa Bay, we want to bring you a video posted by Twitter account Heel By Nature site, which with images recorded with a drone, wanted to make known to fans, what we will go to see only in the late evening of Saturday, unless WWE decides to give an advance to its fans, releasing some preview images.

Many fans aren't impressed with WrestleMania 37's buildup. For instance, the buildup to the SmackDown Women's title match between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair has received major criticism from WWE Universe. The inclusion of Reginald, and the lazy booking of the two WrestleMania opponents to challenge for the Tag Team titles on the road to the mega event, haven't gone down well with fans.