Kevin Owens teases to jump off the pirate ship at WrestleMania

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Kevin Owens teases to jump off the pirate ship at WrestleMania

WrestleMania 37 is just a few days away, a fundamental event for all wrestling fans and awaited by the whole WWE Universe. Two important evenings, where there will be the return of the fans in the stands and who will share the event card on 10 and 11 April.

One of the most important wrestlers on the Smackdown roster, Kevin Owens, posted a tweet on social media where he announces that he wants to make an incredible gesture for that event. The show will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa with the presence of the public and The PrizeFighter commented that he wanted to jump from the pirate ship present at the event and that for him that will be the real challenge and not the match (among the most interesting) against Sami Zayn.

Kevin Owens will face Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 37

Last year Kevin Owens was already looking forward to realizing this madness, but in the end, everything was blown due to the pandemic situation with WrestleMania 36 that took place at the Performance Center in Orlando.

Now at Wrestlemania 37, The PrizeFighter will challenge Sami Zayn with the latter who will be accompanied by Logan Paul. The match promises to be fun but certainly, among the fans, there is a curiosity to understand if Owens really decides to jump from the pirate ship.

It has been an interesting year for Kevin Owens who this year was one of the main protagonists of the Friday Night Smackdown roster and was involved, on several occasions, in a feud against WWE Universal Champion and WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Initially, Owens was concerned that even WWE would not find a match for him at Wrestlemania 37 and a few weeks ago he proposed: "I have changed my main objectives. I would like to jump off the pirate ship and that certainly remains.

But how many weeks are left to Wrestlemania? Four or five and I still don't have a match, the card is already very rich", these were the declarations of the wrestler some time ago, now enthusiastic about being able to take part in the show hoping among other things to jump from the pirate ship.

When he tried to explain this to Owens, the latter stated that there was no conspiracy and Zayn himself was to be blamed for his shortcomings. This led to Zayn attacking Owens and the latter then demanded a match against The Great Liberator at WrestleMania 37, thereby renewing their past rivalry.

While Owens' match with Zayn itself looks to be entertaining, the thought of him potentially jumping off the pirate ship is sure to excite the fans.