Non WWE events struggling during WrestleMania weekend

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Non WWE events struggling during WrestleMania weekend

Now here we are, WrestleMania is upon us with WWE Universe fans and pro-wrestling fans in general, who are no longer in the skin, waiting to know what they will see in the two evenings dedicated to the Showcase of the Immortals, when WWE's greatest Superstars battle it out in the most anticipated show of the year, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.

After a terrible year, spent between shows without an audience, masks and empty audiences, with WWE trying to invent everything to make up for the lack of its true soul and its beating heart, the public, finally the much loved WWE Universe will return to take part in a physical and active way on its television screens, with the two nights of Wrestlemania 37 which will host respectively 25,000 people inside the Tampa stadium.

WWE is bringing fans back for WrestleMania

As every year, during the famous WrestleMania Week, all the most famous American independent companies try to grab a place as close as possible to WWE and its Wrestlemania, to put on a show that is so much followed, thanks to the wake of fame and interest that Wrestlemania brings with it every year.

The largest promotion indies in the USA, thus agree to build a sort of schedule that collides with the secondary events of Wrestlemania Week, hoping that the fans flocked to the city designated by the WWE for the staging of Wrestlemania, are also interested in taking part in their events with the public.

As reported by the Wrestling Observer, in one of their daily Newsletters, this year independent companies would be having a hard time selling tickets to their events in conjunction with WrestleMania, as the fear of covid and pandemic are still Very big.

Although dozens of shows near the Tampa Bay area were announced, the only ones that would have almost sold out would have been Bloodsport and Spring Break, which also featured former AEW champion Jon Moxley, former WWE Dean.

Ambrose, who won his match tonight at Bloodsport. All the other events that are held or have already been held in recent days, have struggled a lot in selling tickets, so much so that some companies have not even managed to sell the front row of the event, which is usually the first that becomes sold- out in a few hours or days. Apparently, for the pro-wrestling world, the terrible year still doesn't seem to want to end.