Future plan for Roman Reigns if he loses the Universal Championship

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Future plan for Roman Reigns if he loses the Universal Championship

These were hours of great anticipation for all fans of great wrestling and especially of the WWE world, very little is missing, precisely we are referring to the two evenings of 10 and 11 April when finally WrestleMania 37 began, the most important wrestling event of the year.

There is great anticipation as every year for this show and there is a lot of curiosity especially for the main Main Event which will be held in the second evening and which will see a Triple Threat Match between the Tribal Chief and Universal WWE Champion Roman Reigns, the Rated- R Superstar Edge and finally Daniel Bryan.

In these last hours there are several rumors about who could be the winner of the title match at Wrestlemania 37 and in particular there is curiosity to understand if, after the great victories and performances of the last months, the Big Dog Roman Reigns will still keep the title.

Do Edge and Daniel Bryan stand a chance to dethrone Roman Reigns?

In the course of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, well-known wrestling colleague Dave Meltzer took stock of who has the best chance of winning the title and what should happen in the event that Roman Reigns loses the title against one of the two rivals.

Here are the words of him specifically: "In the event that Roman Reigns loses the title I think he will regain it in a short time. In general, anyone of the three wrestlers who wins the WWE will certainly be able to justify his victory but the role of Roman Reigns in WWE is a priority and in case of defeat the Tribal Chief is destined to find the title soon."

After being stopped for a few months due to the Reigns Pandemic he returned to SummerSlam in a totally new and truly impressive role. Roman Reigns took the title of champion and later flanked by WWE Mad Genius Paul Heyman dominated the Smackdown roster annihilating everyone who stood in front of him, from cousin Jey Uso to the beautiful rivalry with Kevin Owens.

The report also states that while Daniel Bryan is not the favorite to win the match, he is the clear babyface. As a result, WWE could opt to give fans a feel-good ending by having Bryan become the Universal Champion. "Bryan ends day two with a giant yes chant, but he’s not their guy they want as the top guy."

With Edge turning heel on SmackDown a few weeks back, the company would not want to end WrestleMania with a flat reaction from the crowd. "Edge makes for a great comeback story, but the heel turn a few weeks ago takes away from that."