WWE gets huge props for landing Logan Paul at WrestleMania

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WWE gets huge props for landing Logan Paul at WrestleMania

One of the most talked-about figures in this Road to WrestleMania now running out is certainly Logan Paul: YouTube celebrity, in his appearance on SmackDown a week ago he immediately hinted that his "alliance" with Sami Zayn could be put questioned by Kevin Owens.

And despite a not perfect rendering in its debut segment within the WWE blue show, there are those who have already passed the company's decision to bring it to the Showcase of the Immortals with flying colors. This is Eric Bischoff, who spoke at '83 Weeks Podcast 'precisely to address the topic of the INFLUENCER's presence at WrestleMania 37 (a word on which Sami Zayn himself insisted a lot in his promo at SmackDown).

"I like Logan Paul's corner very much - admitted the former General Manager of Raw -. Often putting a celebrity in your show is very effective overall. We have already seen it, for example, with Bad Bunny"

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But Eric Bischoff went even further: "I think bringing Logan Paul to WrestleMania was a good strategic move because it will bring a new set of eyes to the show.

Eyes that, in general, may never have even thought of giving a chance to the show. WWE to try to witness the product for the first time. That's what that kind of move is about. Getting a new audience, a new demographic target group.

A new sociological experiment on younger people, who might be led to think: 'Hey, I'm going to check out this show!' And WWE is working on that." In short, a comprehensive analysis of the current times. And with the myths of the young and the very young that have changed.

Eric Bischoff, who realized this, remarked: "The reason you use influencers and celebrities is this. They are the very people who have the real power to bring a whole new set of eyes to the product. Logan Paul is a great choice.

He loves to go there and mix his activities. Sure, he's an amateur wrestler, but let's not forget he is taking his boxing training very seriously. I think it's one of the most logical celebrity acquisitions he has.

I've seen it done in WWE for a long time." Logan Paul and Domenic Abounader are both from the state of Ohio. The duo was set to face each other in the final of the sectional tournament. However, Paul ended up withdrawing from the match because he expected to wrestle Abounader once again in the Ohio State Championships at some point.

According to Paul, he would have exposed his lateral drop move - which consistently helped him overpower his opponents - if he had faced Abounader in the sectional final. The YouTuber didn't want Abounader to know about his power move before competing against him at the state championships. Paul thus cited his withdrawal as a "strategic forfeit"